Disney-Themed Printable Beer Labels Will Help Get The Party Started


If you’re having a Disney-themed party, or you’d just like to cover up a boring non-Disney beer label… here are some designs to help you out.

Disney Printable Beer Labels are brought to us by halloweencostumes.com. The labels are not only creatively designed and named to suit your brew, but the series is printable and available to improve your beer immediately.







[link, via designtaxi]

Superhero Bottle Sleeves To The Rescue


If you’re hanging with some super friends, and would like to protect your beverage, Superhero Freaker Bottle Sleeves have come to save the day.

Whether it’s Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman — or you’d like to start your own drinking Justice League — these sleeves will fit over any drinking vessel. Any bottle, any can, any growler or mason jar.

And, not only will your new super koozie insulate your drink, but it will help conceal your beverage’s secret identity.

One size fits all. Machine washable. Stretchy. Made in U.S.A.





The Chewbacca Can Hugger Will Be Your Drinking Co-Pilot


If you’re looking for a rebellious and fuzzy way to cover a drink can, the Chewbacca Fur Can Hugger is here to help.

The can koozie is furry to help insulate your drink, and help it look like everyones favorite wookie. Please keep the Chewbacca impressions to a minimum. Available for pre-order here.

[link, via GeekAlerts]

Rugby Players Have A Missing Tooth Replaced With A Functioning Bottle Opener


Rugby players are tough. And, when they lose a tooth, they don’t just get it replaced with an ordinary one — that’s for hockey players.

Salta Beer and ad agency Ogilvy Argentina have come up with the Beer Tooth Implant — a tooth that’s also a functioning bottle opener. A few Argentinian athletes were even nice enough to have one installed for marketing purposes.

But please… do not induce any unnecessary tooth removal in the hope of receiving a Beer Tooth. They’re probably not available at your dentist yet.

Warning: The video contains graphic dental procedures, rugby violence, and the opening of bottles with teeth.


[link, via Cool Material]

Happy Superhero Day! Celebrate With The Justice League Bottle Sleeve Set


April 28 is National Superhero Day!! So, if you’re hanging with some super friends, The Justice League Bottle Sleeve Set is your hero.

The dynamic trio includes one Batman Freaker Bottle Sleeve, one Superman Freaker Bottle Sleeve, and one Wonder Woman Freaker Bottle Sleeve.

Any of which will easily slip on and protect any bottle, can, growler or mason jar. Also available individually here.

One size fits all. Machine washable. Stretchy. Made in U.S.A.