These Star Wars Beer Steins Are Most Impressive


Whether you’re drinking at your home base, or a party far far away — a proper drinking vessel is a must.

Star Wars Beer Steins are here to help make you the coolest drinker this side of Mos Eisley. R2-D2 could be the stein you’re looking for, unless you’d prefer Boba Fett to hold your bounty.

If you’re a mean drinker, or prefer dark ales, there’s always Darth Vader. Check them all out here, and may the froth be with you.





There’s a Pop-Tart Beer Now


As beer inches closer to becoming a socially acceptable breakfast, a Pop-Tart-inspired beer makes perfect sense.

Created by 21st Amendment Brewery, Toaster Pastry India Style Red Ale will help get the day started. Although a 7.6% ABV and 74 IBU isn’t terribly morning-friendly — it’s nothing some extra frosting and sprinkles can’t fix.

The Toaster Pastry beer will be released on August 29th, as part of 21st Amendment’s launch of their new brew facility in San Leandro, CA.

[link, via Food and Wine]

Wheaties Cereal Has A Beer Now


There’s a new breakfast of champions. Wheaties recently teamed up with Fulton Brewery to create HefeWheaties — a beer inspired by the breakfast cereal.

The beer is an American-style Hefeweizen (wheat beer), however it doesn’t actually contain any Wheaties. So, pouring this beer into your Wheaties would not be redundant.

Now, the question remains… Will HefeWheaties start displaying above-average drinkers on the can? Perhaps, athletes with drinking problems? Either way, the beer will be available in 16-ounce cans, but will only see limited release in Minnesota.




Superhero Bottle Sleeves To The Rescue


If you’re hanging with some super friends, and would like to protect your beverage, Superhero Freaker Bottle Sleeves have come to save the day.

Whether it’s Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman — or you’d like to start your own drinking Justice League — these sleeves will fit over any drinking vessel. Any bottle, any can, any growler or mason jar.

And, not only will your new super koozie insulate your drink, but it will help conceal your beverage’s secret identity.

One size fits all. Machine washable. Stretchy. Made in U.S.A.





If Well-Known Brands Such As Apple and Facebook Made Beer


If you’ve ever wondered what a beer made by Nike, Apple, or Facebook would look like… wonder no more.

Beer-tualising is a fun project by printsome, who created fictional beer labels for a few brands not known for brewing.

What these corporate beers would taste like is still left to the imagination. But we can only assume that Nike beer would share flavor profiles with most energy drinks, while iBeer would taste great for a few months, before you’d have to upgrade to iBeer 1.1.






[link, via Design You Trust]