These Cute Little Bear Cookies Will Hug Your Nuts


These nut-hugging Bear Biscuits are brought to us by Japanese baker Maa Tamagosan. They’re made simply by stamping out a few bear-shaped cookies and then wrapping their little arms around a nut of choice before baking.

It’s a shame that the adorable little bears will eventually be robbed of their precious nut, and have their heads bitten off. Enjoy.



[link, via Incredible Things]

Dress Made of 50,000 Gummy Bears

What better way to help launch the new TWELV magazine, and pay homage to the late designer Alexander McQueen, than with a full-length ball gown made from gummy bears?

The dress, inspired by another colorful but gummy-less work by McQueen, consists of about 50,000 gummy bears, and weighs over 200 lbs — or about four-times as much as the model wearing it.

[via Buzzfeed]