How To Make A BBQ Grill Out of A Volkswagen


If you have an extra front end of a Volkswagen laying around, you can now repurpose it into an awesome BBQ grill.

Brought to us by Imgur user Managerofnothing, the Golf GTI BBQ is made possible by sawing the car in half, and then placing a functioning grill where the engine was. Easy, peasy.

Use yours to cook up some VW sausage, and keep the Fahrvergnügen going all weekend.




[link, via MAKE]

Bear Skin Picnic Blanket For Fancy Outdoor Dining


If you have a room in your house that contains a fireplace and smells of rich mahogany, then you surely have a bear skin rug in the middle of it. But what if you also enjoy dining in the park, and need somewhere worthy to sit?

The Bear Skin Picnic Blanket is here to help. Made to look like something you’d see in a rich guy’s study, combined with the unmistakable checkered pattern of a picnic blanket, you can enjoy a sophisticated outdoor lunch anytime. The smell of rich mahogany, not included.

The Bear Skin Picnic Blanket is now available at The Foodiggity Shop.






Darth Vader Lightsaber BBQ Fork


If you’re hosting a backyard BBQ, and need to stab your weenies with sith-like precision — The Lightsaber BBQ Fork is here to help.

Designed on one end to look like Darth Vader’s weapon of choice, the other end can be used to penetrate anything on the grill for easy turning… to the dark side, that is. Nooooo!!!



V-8 Engine BBQ Grill For Cooking With Gas


If you need to rev up some dinner, the Hot Rod BBQ will help get you started.

The propane grill is made to look like a genuine V-8 engine — made from die-cast aluminum with a stainless steel grate. So, now you can burn those burgers even faster. But at least you’ll look good doing so, hot rod.



[link, via technabob]

Grillography, A Typeface Made From Grilled Food


You have a BBQ-related design project, and you’re looking for the perfect font to get your point across… Grillography is here to help that along.

The typeface consists of actual grilled food items, either cut and formed into a desired letter, or simply taking advantage of the food’s natural shape. We’re looking at you, Pineapple O.

Grillography is brought to us by Oslo-based agency Anti, and was made to promote Scandinavian supermarket chain, Rimi. We assume to help sell their grill-friendly items.





[link, via designtaxi]