The BBQ Apron Guide Is Here To Help


Be prepared, protected, and ready to grill with the BBQ Apron Guide. The full-length apron will not only protect the griller’s clothes from grease and sauce stains, but acts as a handy cooking guide.

Printed upside down, an arsenal of summer cooking knowledge is available with a simple flip of the bottom half.

Need to remind yourself of proper cooking temperatures?… check. Looking for a quick BBQ sauce recipe on the fly? Done and done. Just don’t get yourself too dirty at the grill, or you’re on your own.

100% Unbleached Cotton. Full-length. Printed guide on bottom half. New at The Foodiggity Shop.





Tiny Hamster Hosts A Tiny 4th of July BBQ


Tiny Hamster, of tiny burrito and tiny Thanksgiving fame, is back and he’s celebrating Murica’s birthday.

Tiny Hamster’s Tiny BBQ sees our little friend feeling festive, and he’s invited a few of his adorable rodent friends over for some ‘grilled’ veggies.

They’re enjoying their little feast so much, that they don’t even notice the obligatory ‘fireworks.’ Please watch this.


The Butter Boss Will Help You Butter… Like A Boss


If you’re still using a knife to butter your foodstuffs, you’re doing it wrong. The Butter Boss is here to help revolutionize how we slather delicious butter.

Brought to us by Goose, the Butter Boss is a brilliant design that keeps a stick of butter safe, and accessible with a simple twist. It’s also dishwasher safe and heat-resistant so you can also be the boss of keeping things safe and clean.

The product is currently in Kickstarter phase, with a first run of product scheduled for this summer. Contribute and be the best butter boss you can be.







How To Cook A Steak Using Molten Lava


Attention, meat-eaters… Cooking steak just got a bit manlier, thanks to the Lava Project.

A few Syracuse students and geologists slowly pour molten lava underneath a few cuts of meat, putting the slow-moving liquid’s 1300 Fahrenheit to good use. The result… perhaps the coolest BBQ ever.

Now, we here at Foodiggity do not recommend that you try this at home — as the people in this video appear experienced and properly-protected. However, if you’re looking to have a BBQ that your friends will remember, I say forgo the boring propane, and find some lava… and a cool apron. Please watch this…

[link, via Mental Floss]