The Banana Umbrella Actually Repels Water


Bananas, long known for helping retain water, can now be used to repel it. At least the umbrella version can, with the Banana Umbrella.

When sheathed, the umbrella is an innocent-looking enough banana, right down to its faux sticker. However, unleashed it’s a potassium-packed rain stomper. Available in Ripe Yellow and Unripe Green. Soft, brown, and spotty version not available — yet.




Food Painted To Look Like Other Food


Relax… This isn’t a government experiment, or a small farmer screwing with nature to produce a cucumber-banana hybrid. This and other foods are part of a fun art series by Hikaru Cho titled, “It’s not what it seems.”

Various produce and other foods are painted rather awesomely to look like completely different items. Other mind games include an egg disguised as an eggplant and a tomato painted to look like an orange. Although, a cucunana sounds pretty awesome.






[link, via Laughing Squid]

Banana Tree Stump


The Banana Tree Stump is brought to us by our favorite artist/food player, Brock Davis. A few hours later, banana stump bread was enjoyed by all.


Darth Vader Made Entirely Out Of Rotten Banana Peels


When your bananas turn to the dark side, you have very few options. You can either chuck them, make banana bread, or wait until they totally turn black and recreate an evil sith lord.

Artist Matthew Mahoney has forgone all of that unnecessary baking — instead, creating a Banana Peel Darth Vader entirely from peels.

So, what no banana bread? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!



[link, via That's Nerdalicious]

The Banana iPhone Case, For Serious Conversations


The iBanana iPhone Case is an inexplicably large and impractical iPhone case, that will surely get people talking. Unfortunately that talking will mostly be the people around you discussing what an idiot you look like with a giant silicone banana up to your ear.

The iBanana is available here, and unsurprisingly from Japan.



[via technabob]