Banana Scratch and Sniff Wallpaper Is Some Serious Decor


If you’d like to make a statement, or just want to add to your existing produce decor, Banana Flavor Paper should be on your walls.

Brought to us by Michael Angelo of Wonderland Beauty Parlor, the wallpaper is available in a variety of background colors. Which will come in handy, if you’ve already furnished your banana room.


[link, via Incredible Things and Rusty’s Electric Dreams]

This Banana Art Is Appealing


Since the discovery that a banana makes for a wonderful canvas, we’ve seen our share of banana art. But rather than simply taking advantage of the fruit’s easily bruisable skin, artist Marta Grossi takes the art form a bit further.

Although most of the Italian artist’s works are in the medium of banana-browning, she also incorporates pen, marker and paint — creating the beautiful, yet temporary art. She also eats each banana after snapping photos, so she’s talented and high on potassium.






banana-grossi-7 banana-grossi-8

[link, via Design You Trust]

Nana Splits, The Rapping Banana That Urges Us To Butter Ya’ Self


Yo, yo… Nana Splits, y’all. The hip-hoppiest of all bananas has a new music video, Butter Ya’Self, that’s mostly about how great it is to be a rich banana.

Nana Splits is accompanied by his fellow foodstuffs, ButterKrust and Sweet Cream, who lay down sick beats quick enough, that Nana doesn’t go and get all moldy in the process.

Heads up… The video contains NSFW language, food porn, and teeth-chattering bass. Enjoy.

[link, via Gizmodo]

Dad Draws Fun Illustrations On His Kids’ Lunch Bananas


We’ve covered our fair share of banana art and cool parents who like to make their kids’ lunch more interesting. Now, these two worlds collide with these fun banana illustrations.

Brought to us by Alex Feliciano, after being asked by his wife to simply write his kids’ names on their lunchbox banana, took it a few steps further. And, without puncturing the skin, the bananas won’t be a brown squishy mess by lunchtime. Nice work, dad.





[link, via designtaxi]