Nutellasagna Exists and We Are Not Worthy


We don’t know what’s in the Nutellasagna and, frankly, we don’t care… we’d just like this in our belly as soon as possible.

But, if you’re into details… the Nutellasagna is brought to us by Robicelli’s in Bay Ridge, NYC. It consists of layers of lasagna noodles, cannoli custard, copious amounts of Nutella, crushed roasted hazelnuts and chopped chocolate, with some marshmallows on top for additional sweetness.

Great… in belly… now.

[link, via Gothamist]

Cake In A Can Is Here To Help


Cake In A Can follows an ongoing and proud tradition of foods in a tin. This time we’re treated to instant dessert.

Especially handy for when you forget someone’s birthday — again — you’re now just a little added water away from a very convenient celebration. Available in Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Coffee Cake and Christmas Cake.

There’s even Wedding Cake In A Can, in case you’re getting married on-the-go, or have an extremely low wedding budget.




[link, via technabob]

The S’mores Pizza Ghost Looks Spooky, Delicious


Looking for the perfect dessert that will show some Halloween spirit? Well, besides the garbage bag full of candy that the kids will be elbow-deep in?

Try this adorably-spooky Ghost S’mores Pizza. Brought to us by The Baker Mama, the S’mores pizza is made possible with a few simple ingredients and just under an hour to bake.

The kids will be back to their candy haul in no time.


[link, via The Kitchn]

How To Make A Hunger Games Pie


If your district is having a bake sale, or you’d just like to provide a tribute to a few hungry family members, The Hunger Games Pie is here to help.

Designed to look like the Hunger Games logo, you can be the Katniss of your kitchen. Make your own here… hopefully yours doesn’t catch fire.

[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]

An Anchorman-Themed Baby Shower Works Every Time


Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is one of the most quotable and thoroughly awesome comedies ever. So, when our good friend Aarti Mahtani Raman of AMR Catering was commissioned for an Anchorman-themed baby shower, she created a series of treats that are sort of a big deal.

Borrowing from Anchorman’s quote arsenal, Aarti used them as inspiration for her baked goods. From Butterscotch Blondie Bars — inspired by Ron Burgundy’s proclamation of scotch-love — to Sex Panther Cake Pops that are made from bits of brownie, so you know they’re good.

See more from the series below. And remember… milk is a good choice.