The Hairdo Cookie Cutter Creates A Head of Hair That The Eater Styles With Each Bite


If you know any aspiring hairstylists who enjoy cookies, there’s the Hairdo Cookie Cutter.

The adorable new kitchen tool will form a head with a very unruly block of hair. It’s up to the eater to style it, using their teeth as scissors. Just make sure to tip the shampoo girl (mom).



[link, via Incredible Things]

Wonka Bar With Golden Ticket Cookie


I’ve got a gol-den tic-ket!!… sing it with me!! You too can participate in a musical number with your golden ticket, just like Charlie Bucket.

Brought to us by SweetAmbs, the Wonka Bar Golden Ticket Cookie will have you singing, and possibly dancing with your bedridden grandpa. Meeting a chocolate-making recluse, not included. See the full tutorial here.





Pluto Macaron Just Wants To Be Loved


After NASA recently spotted a heart-shaped mass on Pluto, it appears that the dwarf planet just wants to be loved.

Lou Lou Ps Delights, always up for some fun with confectionaries, created the Pluto Macaron.

Complete with a painted-on heart, the celestial orb looks up at you with loving eyes. This is either to implore NASA to return it to full-planet status, or to get you not to eat it.


The Gummy Bear Rainbow Cake Has Some Gummy Bears And Colors Involved


If you just can’t get enough rainbows and gummy bears, the Rainbow Gummy Bear Piñata Cake is here to help.

Created by The Simple Cooking Channel, the cake gets many many gummy bears involved, inside and out. They were even nice enough to provide a tutorial to help make your own… just in case you have any major life events coming up, where such a colorful cake might be appropriate.

[link, via My Cupcake Addiction]

A Red, White, and Blue, Pie-Stuffed Cake Because Murica


In what could be the most American thing to ever America, humorist Charles Phoenix has created the Cherbluble.

The pie-stuffed, three-layer cake arrives just in time to help celebrate America’s birthday. It’s not only red, white, and blue — but it’s also stuffed with a cherry, blueberry and apple pie.

If you’re feeling crafty and incredibly patriotic, Charles was nice enough to provide the recipe and instructions to make your own. U-S-A!! U-S-A!!