Bacon Soap Will Help Get The Grease Off Your Hands


You love bacon and want it in every aspect of your life… including washing up.

Bacon Soap, by Outlaw Soaps, will help keep the bacon love going, with a bar that looks like an enormous slab of pork fat. And, because the soap also smells like bacon, the lovely aromas will remain long after the grease is washed off.

Bacon Soap is handmade with vegan ingredients.



[link, via Supercompressor]

Bacon and Eggs Shoes Are The Most Important Footwear of The Day


Bacon and eggs go together like left and right. So, it only makes sense that they’ve merged into a pair of shoes.

Bacon and Egg Shoes are brought to us by Mozo. The shoes were actually crafted especially for food professionals, with vented sides and slip-resistant soles. Perfect for the short order breakfast cook, or any chef that doesn’t know their bacon from eggs.

[link, via OhGizmo!]

Push Button, Receive Bacon For Real


Those handy instructions that accompany a public restroom hand-dryer have inspired one of the most fantastic memes ever, Push Button, Receive Bacon.

The Rabbit Hole, realizing that nobody enjoys the empty promise of bacon, have created a machine that’ll finally reward the button-pusher with yummy pork fat. The bacon machine is made possible with a repurposed printer, while bacon sizzles along its fuser.

The sign no longer lies. Go, technology!

[link, via technabob]

Behold The Bacon Mac and Cheese Quesadilla


Quesadillas do not need help to be awesome. But if we were to improve on them, they’d probably need to involve a bacon weave and some mac and cheese.

Thrillist knows this, and recently took the quesadilla to new levels. The Bacon Mac n Cheese Quesadilla uses a bacon weave instead of the tortillas. Then, plain old boring cheese is out… mac n cheese is in. A ‘how to’ is available here.




The New KFC Double Down Doubles Down On The Double Down


Remember the culinary wonder that was the KFC Double Down? Well, that chicken sandwich is now chicken feed.

The KFC Zinger Double Down King sticks with the fried chicken as bun game plan, and there’s still bacon in-between. Only now, a third animal has been introduced, with the inclusion of a burger patty.

Sorry, for anyone watching their carbs outside of South Korea, as Double Down 2.0 is currently only available there. You’ll have to find your trinity of barnyard animals elsewhere.