There’s a Seaweed That Tastes Just Like Bacon Now

photo: AP Images
photo: AP Images

Vegetarians… You probably knew that if you held out long enough, you’d eventually be able to enjoy bacon like normal people. Well, veggies… Your time wondering what all the fuss is about, may finally be over with Bacon Seaweed.

Originally bred to be a protein-rich food source for sea snails, researchers at Oregon State University may have cracked the code on guilt-free bacon. After 15 years of research on this dulse form of seaweed, they discovered that, when fried, it tastes just like bacon.

Snail food or not, SLTs and seaweed veggie burgers are merely a gateway to bacon-related eating. Congrats.

[via Mashable]

Cinnabacon Piglets Are Adorable, Pork-filled


Pigs-in-a-Blanket are so last year. There’s now a new pork-filled pastry to serve at your fancy cocktail party.

Cinnabacon Piglets takes the concept of pigs-in-a-blanket and gets a bit more literal. An adorable pig is actually formed with dough, and instead of questionable pork innards, the hot dog is replaced with actual bacon.

Adorable pig, check… Pork filling, check and check. Whip up a batch and enjoy your next cocktail party, fancy pants.





A KFC Double Down Candle Exists


Real world problem… Your house does not smell enough like a breadless fried chicken sandwich with bacon. Well, your problem is now solved.

The Double Down Candle is the scent you’ve been looking for. Inspired by the infamous KFC Double Down, the candle is brought to us by Kentucky For Kentucky.

If you couldn’t tell by their name, the organization loves their home State, and supports many projects and products that are ‘tuckey-centric. They’re also big fans of Kenturkey.*

*we assume

[link, via Incredible Things]

The Bacon Stanley Cup Is The Ultimate Prize


With the Stanley Cup playoffs upon us, fans will be growing out their mullets and playoff beards, and stuff like the Bacon Stanley Cup will happen.

Brought to us by Bar Brutus in Montreal, the replica of Lord Stanley’s Cup replaces silver with yummy pork fat, and is ready for the Canadiens’ playoff run.

Don’t be surprised if the Habs tank in the first round of the playoffs, knowing that a bacon trophy is waiting for them.

[link, via Mental Floss]