Brownie Waffles Topped With Nutella and Bacon



Three of the best things ever — waffles, Nutella and bacon — converge onto one plate, creating what could be the most important meal of any day ever.

Brought to us by Jorge Rosado, Fudge Brownie Waffles with Nutella and Bacon, is part of his regular Instagram feature, #PORNCAKESUNDAYS.

The best part, is that Rosado stays in incredible shape, despite his proclivity for extreme foods such as this. Perhaps I should try this sort of diet? What’s that? You also have to go to the gym to look like that? Never mind.

[via Neatorama and The Vulgar Chef]

Wake Up To The Smell of Bacon With Oscar Mayer’s iPhone Alarm


Oscar Mayer Wake Up & Smell The Bacon is a convenient little iPhone attachment and app, that will not only sound an alarm, but will wake you up to the smell of bacon. Sure you could hit snooze, but then you’d have to wait another nine minutes to smell bacon again.

Oscar Mayer is currently offering the app for free, with a chance to win and beta test the bacon smell-emitting attachment. If you absolutely have to wake up, you might as well do it right.




[link, via Uncrate]

A Minor League Baseball Team Unveils Bacon-Themed Uniforms


We’ll always root for bacon. And, now it’s become even easier, thanks to the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

A minor league affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, the IronPigs have recently unveiled a new line of uniforms. And, of particular interest, is their Saturday attire that includes bacon.

The pork-centric campaign includes a new website called, where you can view the entire line of the IronPigs’ new unis. Although, all of them are pretty sweet, we can only support IronPigs Saturday baseball at this time. Go, bacon!!



[link, via First We Feast]

Meat, Your New Favorite Jewelry


Do you love tasty meat, and want everyone to know it? Meat Jewelry, an incredibly realistic series of food accessories, is brought to us by Onch Movement.

Want to show off your love of pork fat? Try a Bacon Cuff. Perhaps the Meat-Lace will help get the point across that you don’t roll with veggies… Or, at the very least, it will help get the dog to play with you.




[link, via Lost At E Minor]

Chocolate-Covered Bacon Hearts


There’s chocolate, there’s bacon, and they’re heart-shaped. Has there ever been a more surefire way to score points on Valentine’s Day, than with Chocolate-Covered Bacon Hearts?

Brought to us by Nick over at Dude Foods — the way to your lover’s heart only takes a heart-shaped mold, bacon and chocolate.