Cuppaday, A Creative Art Project That Makes Use of Empty Coffee Cups


What to do with all of those disposable coffee cups? Well, if you’re creative and have some time to spare, you can use them to create a daily art project.

Cuppaday is an art series by Sydney-based artist Paul Garbett, where he upcycles an empty disposable coffee cup every day into a new cylindrical work of art. Check out more from the series below.








[link, via Lost At E Minor]

A Dress Made From Taco Bell Wrappers


You’ve eaten nothing but late-night Chalupas and Taco Supremes for months. So, what to do with all of those Taco Bell wrappers? If you’re as creative and into Tex-Mex as artist Olivia Mears is, you make a Taco Bell Wrapper Dress, of course.

The dress is made from about 130 wrappers, with sauce pack accents. All of the materials were unused of course. So, please do not make clothing with your chalupa-stained wrappers, as previously suggested.

[link, via Neatorama]

Michelangelo’s Grocery List


Even Michelangelo, one of the greatest minds in recorded history, was capable of forgetting to pick up eggs and laundry detergent. Brought to us by Casa Buonarroti in Florence, Italy — this sample, from their Michelangelo collection, shows a grocery list illustrated by the artist himself.

Drawn for his servant who was illiterate, the list calls for a herring, tortelli, two fennel soups, four anchovies and ‘a small quarter of a rough wine.’ Hopefully he gave him all the coupons too.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Wonder Bread Woman


Brought to us by cartoonist and animator, Louie del Carmen, Wonder Bread Woman combines the iconic female superhero with everyone’s favorite white bread-like product.

And, how do you make Wonder Woman Bread? In a Wonder Woman Stand Mixer of course.

[link, via Neatorama]

Chocolate Paint Tubes Create Happy Little Desserts


We’ve all worked with Alizarin Crimson and Van Dyke Brown… Now we can paint happy little desserts with Edible Chocolate Paint Tubes.

Designed by design firm Nendo, the yummy paint supplies are made from chocolate, and filled with various sweet fillings. Try any one you like, it’s your world.