Cereal Monsters Get Real In This Creepy Art Series


Cereal Monsters can be adorable, and all they want to do is endorse their delicious breakfast cereals. However, at the end of the day, Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry are still monsters.

Artist Mike Burns got serious with these cereal peddlers, depicting them as actual creepy monsters. Prints of Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry can be found here. Sadly, we don’t get to see Fruit Brute howling at the moon. Now, we wait.




[link, via GeekAlerts]

Spilled Coffee Art Is A Wonderful Accident


When you spill your coffee… Does it just look like, you know, a spill?

It’s OK, we can’t all be artists like Giulia Bernardelli, who sees spilled coffee as an opportunity. The best part is, her coffee paintings are done spontaneously, meaning that Giulia does not plan these ahead of time, and uses whatever means are available to draw with.

See more below and over at Instagram.







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Ice Creams That Taste Like Color


When viewing colors… Do you ever wonder what they might taste like? If you’re Jeni Britton Bauer, of NYC’s Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, you not only have this thought process, but you go ahead and create a line of ice creams that taste like color.

After being inspired by the cut-outs of Henri Matisse, the vibrant colors of the paper led Jeni to create the Color Collection.

Although there aren’t many blue foodstuffs in the world, Jeni manages to capture the flavor of Ultramarine Blue with wild blueberries, raspberry extract, and pineapple. Cadmium Yellow incorporates crushed whole lemons, bergamot and white grapefruit.

The result… a line of tangible and very delicious colors, that are themselves a work of art. And, I’d like to color my belly with them. Available here.





color-collection-orange color-collection-brown

[link, via Mental Floss]

Artist Creates Beautiful Paintings With Coffee


There is little that coffee cannot do. It makes mornings tolerable, gives people an excuse to pretend to be busy at Starbucks, and it occasionally acts as a perfectly acceptable art medium.

Artist Maria A. Aristidou knows how to use coffee to its full potential, creating beautiful works of art with nothing more than brewed coffee and a brush set.

The result is spot-on pop culture characters, with their shadows and highlights determined by the amount of coffee used. Check out more of Aristidou’s work over at Instagram.





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Cookie Monster Has Some Profound Thoughts About Food


Cookie Monster, often associated with such musings as ‘C is for Cookie’ and ‘Om, nom, nom,’ can actually be very cultured and insightful.

This is proven in the short film, Simply Delicious Shower Thoughts with Cookie Monster. Inspired by the subreddit Shower Thoughts, Cookie Monster soaks in some culture at a few art museums, while letting us in on his most profound thoughts about food.

Verbal gems such as “Lasagna is just spaghetti-flavored cake” and “Your stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed” are just a few of Cookie’s deep thoughts. Prepare to have your mind blown… by a Muppet.

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