Motörhead Has a Boxed Wine Now


Motörhead, makers of heavy metal music and various forms of alcohol, now offer a boxed version of their wine. Sacrifice Shiraz is the latest offering from Lemmy and the other two guys.

Knowing full well that their legion of head-banging followers wouldn’t tolerate an ordinary box or wine purse — Sacrifice is packaged in a replica amp. Ace of Spades must sound awesome coming out of that thing. Sorry, it appears to only be available in Sweden. Lucky Swedes.


Marshall Amp Fridge

Whether you’re a rockstar who needs to keep your beverages cool, or an air guitarist with no need for a real amp — The Marshall Fridge is here to help. Designed to be unmistakeable from the real thing, the coolest of Marshall stacks would make a great addition to any apartment or studio. Just watch where you plug in your Fender.

And if faux amps and guitar-related kitchen goods are your thing, check out the Amp’d Mug and Guitar Spatula over at the Foodiggity Shop.

[available for pre-order, via The Awesomer]

This Coffee Mug Goes To 11

Did you ever wish that you could make your morning coffee just one louder? Now you can turn it up to 11, with The Amp’d Coffee Mug. The ceramic mug is beautifully designed and oversized, to help make mornings more tolerable. Perfect for the rockstar, or air guitarist/caffeine addict in your life.

Available and on sale at The Foodiggity Shop.