McDonald’s Drive-Thru Workers Replaced With An Opera Singer, Wrestler, and an Astronaut


Imagine placing your drive-thru order at McDonald’s, pulling up to the window, and having your order handed to you by an opera singer, wrestler, astronaut, or another quirky character. That’s just what agency Tribal BBDO did in Austria.

The McDrive Surprise places unexpected characters at the pick-up window — creating a drive-thru experience that these customers will remember forever. Especially if they forget to include your fries again.





[link, via TAXI]

McDonald’s Goes Logo-Less in ‘Unbranded’ Ad Series


It took over 70 years and billions of customers served globally — but McDonald’s can finally make ads with no copy or logos on it. Referred to as the ‘Unbranded’ campaign, the series of extreme close-ups was created by ad agency TBWA\Paris for use in outdoor ads throughout France.

Well done, McDonald’s and TBWA. You’ve not only successfully executed an unbranded ad campaign, but managed to make McDonald’s food appear somewhat edible. Although, we imagine being that close to the actual product would be quite horrifying.




[via TAXI]

How To Change Your Mundane Life With Bacon


We all know the magical mind-altering effects of bacon. What we only sorta knew, until confirmed by this series of commercials for Maple Leaf Foods’ Ready Crisp Bacon, is that men will happily do chores around the house if mom makes them bacon. Even the pre-made stuff.

There’s even a fun chore list, just in case you need anything done by a mindless pork slave. Please enjoy…

bacon-chore-list[via TAXI]

The First McDonald’s Big Mac Ad


The year was 1969, a time of free love and “special sauce” naivete. And then, along came the McDonald’s Big Mac. Seen here in its first official print advertisement, McDonald’s signature sandwich was originally touted as, “A meal disguised as a sandwich,” inadvertently becoming a ground-breaker for future fast food abominations and other extreme food. In a way it also paved the way for food humor sites that cover such drivel. Thanks, Big Mac!!

[via Design You Trust]

If Alcohol Had Mascots Like Kids’ Cereal


Unlike impressionable young children and their breakfast cereal — we adults don’t need some cartoon mascot to get us to drink, thank you very much. But if we did, the ads might look something like what’s brought to us by Alex Watt of College Humor. Now who wants some booze and cereal?




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