What It Would Look Like If Luxury Brands Sold Groceries


Yogurt by Tiffany & Co.

If Whole Foods just isn’t highbrow enough for you, perhaps these luxury brand groceries are more your style.

Brought to us by Israel-based artist Paddy Mergui — his series gives us a glimpse into what a few everyday grocery items might look like, if produced and packaged by some of the higher end brands in the world.

Whether you’d like to snack on some Tiffany Yogurt, want to make your omelettes with the finest Versace eggs, or drink iMilk — the series explores the concept of a brand providing a perceived notion of quality and the social status of the buyer. Even if it’s a salami.


Pasta by Ferrari


Salt and Pepper by Hermès


Eggs by Versace


Flour by Prada


Fruit by Nike


Milk by Apple


Salami by Vuitton

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This Wonder Bread Ad Campaign Will Make You Yearn For A Crustless PB&J


You probably haven’t thought about Wonder Bread since mom stopped cutting the crusts off for you. So, it only makes sense that the ubiquitous and polka-dotted bread would be vying for your attention again, with a certified awesome ad campaign.

Brought to us by Wonder Bread Canada and The Hive in Toronto, the five ads use a clever combination of stop-motion, synced with a voice-over of everyday life — reinforcing the theme of “The Greatest Thing Since…”.

While watching the crusts get cut off a PB&J will make you feel all warm and nostalgic inside, the white bread is also an effective apology tool, and a great food item to gossip over. Check out all of the ads below…

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Schadenfreezers, Yummy Popsicles Containing Truly Tasteless Jokes


Popsicle stick jokes are usually pretty lame. However, you must admit that the set-up and popsicle-covered punchline makes for great comedic timing. Jason Kreher and Matt Moore from Wieden + Kennedy knows this, and have created their own brand of popsicle humor.

With the creative duo’s latest installment of Schadenfreezers, the animated GIFs begin innocently enough with the popsicle joke’s set-up. Only then, does it all melt away, revealing punchlines as cold as the popsicles themselves.

Sure, the fictional treats are available in strawberry, lemon and blueberry. But the jokes hidden within are truly tasteless — albeit pretty funny. Please enjoy.








McDonald’s Drive-Thru Workers Replaced With An Opera Singer, Wrestler, and an Astronaut


Imagine placing your drive-thru order at McDonald’s, pulling up to the window, and having your order handed to you by an opera singer, wrestler, astronaut, or another quirky character. That’s just what agency Tribal BBDO did in Austria.

The McDrive Surprise places unexpected characters at the pick-up window — creating a drive-thru experience that these customers will remember forever. Especially if they forget to include your fries again.





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McDonald’s Goes Logo-Less in ‘Unbranded’ Ad Series


It took over 70 years and billions of customers served globally — but McDonald’s can finally make ads with no copy or logos on it. Referred to as the ‘Unbranded’ campaign, the series of extreme close-ups was created by ad agency TBWA\Paris for use in outdoor ads throughout France.

Well done, McDonald’s and TBWA. You’ve not only successfully executed an unbranded ad campaign, but managed to make McDonald’s food appear somewhat edible. Although, we imagine being that close to the actual product would be quite horrifying.




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