These Two Seventeen-Year-Olds Invented A Ketchup Cap That Doesn’t Squirt Water First


See the two young gentlemen in the picture above? Well they’re our new great American heroes.

Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson, high school students and ketchup enthusiasts, have come up with an ingenious new invention that keeps the first squirt from a ketchup bottle from being a watery mess.

During a year-long research project about their favorite condiment, the two seventeen-year-olds conceptualized and designed a bottle insert that could change condiment application forever. But does it work for catsup?

[link, via 22 Words]

M.C. Escher Cookies


If you have a big M.C. Escher party coming up, and will be needing a dessert, then you might consider some M.C. Escher Cookie Rollers. That’s exactly what George Hart was thinking, who holds such an event, and was in need of some cookies. So he went ahead and 3D-printed some cookie rollers to mimic the works of the Dutch artist.

George was also nice enough to provide the templates to print your own rollers, so you can have the most mathematical cookies at the next bake sale.


[link, via MAKE]