Sriracha Spray Bottle

Now we’re talking. The Sriracha Spray Bottle is the creation of Reddit user, and our new favorite person, aoisenshi. Officially titled The Sprayracha — you can make one of your own, and lightly mist your foodstuffs with the ultimate condiment, or use it as a delicious pepper spray to thwart kitchen intruders.

[via Doobybrain]

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  1. […] a big fan of hot sauce. on everything. franks is my favorite, but i do love some sriracha. but this takes the cake. → what’s your favorite hot sauce? ← Filed Under: p.s. Tagged: franks […]

  2. […], Bon Appétit, foodiggity and The World’s Best […]

  3. […], Bon Appétit, foodiggity and The World’s Best Ever […]

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