Pop vs. Soda

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Displaying an eerie similarity to America’s divide over politics, Pop vs. Soda shows the country’s preference towards how they reference their soft drinks.

So there is a good chance that those who call their Coca-Cola ‘pop’, also have a ‘Palin 2012′ bumper sticker on their pickup.

Do you ‘Go for a pop’, or ‘Have a soda’?

[via Buzzfeed]


  1. Jo says

    I go for a Coke! Haha.

    When I was a kid, and I would go to a store and order a coke, I would get so pissed off that they gave me coke! Because I didn’t actually like coke. I wanted root beer or something. But nooo, they gave me coke.

    And then I learned to call it soda. But never pop.

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