How To Make an Apple That Will Haunt Your Nightmares


If you have a few apples laying around that you’d like to make a bit more horrifying, there’s now a handy tutorial for that.

Submitted by a Reddit member, a shrunken head-type apple is little more than a few razor cuts and a week of scorching summer heat away.

Of course, this same effect can be accomplished in the oven, or traveling back in time to use an actual Shrunken Head Kit.





[link, via 22 Words]

Pangraph, A Spirograph For Pancakes


Why make boring round pancakes, when you can enjoy yummy math spirals? Nathan of Saipancakes is back with his brand of above-average flapjacks, and something called the Pangraph.

Inspired by the Spirograph, a toy originally released the 60s, Nathan constructed his own version of the contraption that would hold his pancake batter dispenser, and fit right over his pan.

The results are nothing short of awesome. And Pangraphcakes are much more satisfying than the multi-colored pen spirals that you created as a kid. Now we just need a spiraly thingy to apply the syrup.



The Cheeseburger Mask, for The Meatiest Halloween Ever


Halloween will be here before you know it, and you’re way too lazy to buy an entire costume. Well, if you also enjoy beef, problem solved.

The Cheeseburger Mask will help provide a suitable outfit for any Halloween party you’ll be attending. Unless the party is filled with vegetarians dressed as lettuce.

The best part, the burger headwear is so awesome, you’ll hardly need to wear anything else. Unless you’d like to go full-burger from head to toe, but that might make you look silly.


Sushi Socks Will Wrap Your Feet In Style


Wrap your feet in style with Sushi Socks. Designed to look like your favorite raw fish roll, the comfy socks will help show off your sushi love from your hands down to your feet.

Sushi Socks are available in a variety of fish. Get them all and create a platter in your sock drawer.





[link, via Boing Boing]

Creepy Portraits Created By Covering Models in Junk Food


Artist James Ostrer recently created a series of grotesque portraits titled Wotsit all about – covering models with various forms of junk food.

Presented as a commentary on the dangerous methods of mass food production and our sugar obsession, Osterer takes advantage of the vibrant artificial colors of various junk foods and candies to create very bright and creepy portraits. See more of the project here.






[link, via Junk Culture]