A Pokémon-Themed Restaurant Exists


If you just can’t get enough Pokémon-related food — and honestly, who can? — there’s now a Pikachu-themed restaurant in Japan.

The pop-up cafe serves up generous helpings of your favorite pocket monster – including a Pikachu Burger, Pikachu Curry Rice, and desserts such as a Pikachu head made from mango pudding.

The Pikachu Cafe will be open from July 19th to August 31st, if you’re craving some delicious pocket monster or Poké Ball. 




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Coffee Cup Art Left Behind For Others To Find


Starting the day off with coffee is good. Add some coffee cup art to the mix and suddenly your morning is a little bit more tolerable.

If you’re lucky enough to frequent the same coffee shop as artist Jimmy T., you could have that super-morning. Jimmy creates illustrations on takeaway coffee cups, and then leaves them behind for patrons of the shop to find.

Of course, this isn’t before Jimmy documents the drawings on his Tumblr blog, Morning Coffee Cup Art, where you can see his ongoing series.



[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]

Cappuccino Potato Chips Exist



Since you’re probably going to eat potato chips for breakfast anyway… Cappuccino Potato Chips now exist.

Part of Lay’s Do Us A Flavor campaign, where they crowdsource ideas for new chip varieties, the coffee chips are part of an experiment including Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese, Mango Salsa, and Wasabi Ginger. Voting to decide the official new flavor starts in 12 days.

Great… But can we get the cappuccino chips in half-caf, two-pump, extra-foam, mocha-choca? Asking for a friend.

[link, via Thrillist]

Coolest, The Coolest Cooler To Ever Cool


You may already have a cooler. One that holds many cans of Miller High Life and is made from the finest styrofoam. But they are far from being the Coolest.

The greatest of all coolers will not only keep your drinks cold – but is equipped with a blender, waterproof bluetooth speakers, USB charger, cutting board, and a whole lot more.

The Coolest is currently in Kickstarter phase, but has already reached its primary goal, ten-fold. So, you can expect to be able to tailgate in style very soon.




A Hershey’s Bar Resume Makes For Sweet Job Hunting


These days, job hunting sucks. That is, unless you’re a hiring manger, where you’ll receive plenty of free beer, cookies, and candy.

Designer Matthew Hirsch is one of the latest job-seekers to get creative with their resume. Taking full advantage of his last name and his design skills, he created the Hirschy’s Bar resume — a play on an actual Hershey’s bar. The ingredients are listed as Matthew’s qualifications and experience, along with his contact info.

On a completely unrelated note, Foodiggity is currently hiring… Please send your chocolate bars to be considered.




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