How To Make A Pringles Loop


When you finally get your hand released from the can, perhaps you can create your very own Pringles Ring.

All it takes is the aforementioned Pringles, an abundance of patience, and some free time. If you have a job that you need to get to, we suggest calling in sick — it may take a while. The man will understand, when they see your potato chip masterpiece.

[via Blazenfluff]

The Series of Texture, A Food Art Series Inspired By Modern Art


Beth Galton, recently featured here for her Cut Food series, is playing with her food again. Only this time, instead of the inside of foods becoming the focal point, Galton showcases textures and patterns with a heavy nod to modern art.

Whether it’s a plate of ingredients mashed up to create an edible Rothko, or a cold cut and condiment Pollock — the study in color and texture is set against Galton’s trademark black background, and is worthy of any museum wall. And by museum wall, we mean in my belly.





[link, via First We Feast]

Burrito Yoga Mat Bag

burrito-yoga-matsIf you’re into doing the downward dog, a few warrior ones, and dig some good tex-mex — you should check out The Burrito Yoga Mat Bag.

Brought to us by Brogamats, the carrier comes equipped with a foil-wrapped burrito on the outside, and a yummy yoga mat filling. It’s part of a series of yoga mats and carriers designed for the male yogi.

And then there’s the possibility that you hate yoga and just need something to carry your giant burrito around. Namaste, burrito-eater.

[link, via Incredible Things]

The Doublet, A Double-Sided Wine Glass For Reds and Whites


If you’re not sure whether you’ll be serving a red wine or a white wine, you could just have an appropriate glass available for each. But that sounds like a lot of work.

The Doublet is an ingenious way to save you some trouble, by providing a compartment for both reds and whites. Even an official oenophile or self-proclaimed wine snob could appreciate the convenience.

The design is currently only a concept. So, in the meantime, have all of your glasses at the ready for when the wine snobs come over.




[via Yanko Design]

McDonald’s Drive-Thru Workers Replaced With An Opera Singer, Wrestler, and an Astronaut


Imagine placing your drive-thru order at McDonald’s, pulling up to the window, and having your order handed to you by an opera singer, wrestler, astronaut, or another quirky character. That’s just what agency Tribal BBDO did in Austria.

The McDrive Surprise places unexpected characters at the pick-up window — creating a drive-thru experience that these customers will remember forever. Especially if they forget to include your fries again.





[link, via TAXI]