Decoding Your Menu, A Fun Illustrated Guide For Restaurant Patrons


If those little icons on your restaurant menu get confusing, it’s ok. Illustrator Gemma Correll is here to help, with a handy illustrated guide, Decoding your Menu.

Although you’ll probably never get to see a pentagram, which would allow you to pick from a Heavy Metal Menu… You never know when you’ll need to be careful about your Peanuts™ allergy.


Social Cappuccino Stencil Set


Do you like cappuccino? Or, do you hit the ‘like’ button when you see pictures of coffee?

Either way, you can give any beverage a thumbs up with the Social Cappuccino Stencil Set. If you’d rather tweet your coffee, you can do that with the included Twitter stencil. Set of 3 social stencils are available here.





Jackie Chan Portrait Made From 64,000 Hanging Chopsticks


Red Hong Yi, of 31 Days of Creativity and coffee portrait fame, is back with one of the most creative celebrity portraits ever.

Using not only 64,000 chopsticks, but 64,000 bundled and hanging chopsticks, to create the likeness of Jackie Chan. The project was made to help celebrate the actor/martial artist’s 60th birthday.

Check out the video below, as watching the work-in-progress is pretty awesome.





Chef, A Movie About The Pursuit of Happiness and Food Trucks


Chef, a new movie by Jon Favreau, is the story of an uber-talented chef who loses his restaurant gig over creative differences, and opens a food truck. Sound familiar to any food truck drivers out there?

The story, more than anything else, encourages the idea of following your passion, and pursuing the things that make you happy. Plus, the movie is full of food porn, and it co-stars Iron Man. Enjoy the trailer… The movie actually looks pretty awesome.

[link, via Cool Material]

Why Is Ketchup So Hard To Pour?


Whether its ketchup or catsup… Waiting for the viscous condiment to exit the bottle can be excruciating. But why does ketchup torture us with its slow escape from its glass prison?

TED-Ed, as usual, has the answer to this burning question. Check out the video below, and get educated about Newtonian fluids and tomato particles. Or, you could just slap the bottle on the ’57,’ like everyone else.