Winnie The Poo Glassware Accessories Are Brilliant, Adorbz


Japanese designers Nendo were recently asked to create a series of glassware accessories for Disney, focusing on Winnie The Pooh. If the creative brief also asked that they design the most adorable set of coasters, drink lids, and wine stoppers ever… we say they’ve succeeded.

Whether Winnie the Pooh gets stuck in your wine, or helps protect your coffee table — the series creates a beautiful scene around your glassware using only one color. And, why has a Winnie The Pooh wine stopper never existed before?






[link, via Spoon and Tamago]

Pop Culture Characters Reimagined As Cheeseburgers


We’ve all been hungry enough, where everything starts to look like cheeseburgers. Artist Philip Tseng recently created the series What If They Were Cheeseburgers? to toy with our emotions, turning pop culture characters into the object of our desire.

Fattening up a few superheroes such as Batman and Wolverine makes them more burger-like, while Mario isn’t much of a stretch. See more at Tseng’s site here.

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[link, via designtaxi]

Ramen Chicken Nuggets Bridge The Gap Between Childhood and Being a Co-Ed


Ramen noodles have been everywhere. Becoming anything from an impromptu taco shell and substitute pizza crust, to a burger bun and hoagie roll.

But never have the ubiquitous noodles been able to cover the entire span of our most formative years, as it does with Ramen Chicken Nuggets.

Brought to us by Oh, Bite It!, the nostalgic food mash-up is easy enough to do yourself. Regardless of how broke or still clinging to college life you might be.

[link, via Incredible Things]

Be The Best Cook On The Block With The Cooking Blocks Utensil Set


The problem with all of your other kitchen utensils… They just aren’t inspired enough by toy bricks. The Cooking Blocks Utensil Set is here to change all of that.

The 3-piece set consists of a spatula, large spoon, and slotted pasta spoon. Also included is a brick placeholder for which to snap your awesome new tools against the wall with. And, at only four pieces, any adult can put this kit together – with a little help from the kids, of course.

The Cooking Blocks Utensil Set is new, bricky, and available at The Foodiggity Shop. [$39.99]




Watch a Hedgehog and Hamster Eat Tiny Birthday Cake at A Tiny Birthday Party


We recently brought you the adorbz that is Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos. Well, apparently the hamster’s hedgehog friend is celebrating a birthday, so they both sat down to munch on tiny birthday cake. Again, adorbz.

What do you buy a hedgehog for his birthday anyway?