Tiny Hamsters Having Tiny Thanksgiving


Hello Denizen is back with their Tiny Hamster series. This time, the adorable rodents are here to give tiny thanks.

A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving sees a few hamsters and their guest bunny gather around for some small turkey parts and micro-pies. After of which they sit down to watch some gerbil football, until they pass out on tryptophan and merlot.*

*this may or may not have actually happened.


Personalize Your Nutella With Your Name So Nobody Steals It


Now, instead of hiding your Nutella to keep others from eating it, you can personalize it with your name.

Selfridges offers to print any name on a jar of Nutella – whether you’re a John or Mary, or have an uncommon name. You could also get more to the point with a message of “Hands Off!”.

The personalized Nutella jars are no longer available online, but can be ordered over the phone from Selfridges or purchased at their stores.



[link, via designtaxi]

Goldfish Teabags Will Turn Your Cup Into a Fish Bowl


If you’d like to make your teacup a bit more relaxing, you can now watch a goldfish swim around in it while it steeps your tea.

Brought to us by Taiwan-based Charm Villa, Goldfish Teabags are filled with Oolong or rose flavored tea. Let them swim/steep for as long as you’d like. And, for the full goldfish experience, you can flush it down the toilet when it’s done.




[link, via Lost At E Minor]

This Apple Store Is Filled With Actual Apples


If you’re in London, and can look away from your iPhone for a bit, there’s currently an apple store with actual apples on display.

The Real Apple Store, inspired by that fake one with all the phones and phablets in it, was created to help celebrate the 1000th anniversary of London’s historic Borough Market and Apple Day.

Visitors can expect to see 1,000 varieties of apples, plenty of which most have never heard of. Siri… What’s a Knobby Russet?





[via Core 77]

The Size of The Planets Explained With Fruit


If you’re having trouble understanding the relative size of the planets in our solar system, a few fruits are here to help.

Space Stats is a handy infographic that represents each planet as a fruit. The result, Earth is a cherry tomato — while the biggest planet, Jupiter, is a cumbersome watermelon. Pluto, of course, was recently downgraded to a pit.