Skull-Shaped Sugar Cubes Are Sweet, Creepy


Boring old sugar cubes just don’t seem appropriate this time of year. Get into the Halloween spirit while sweetening your beverage with Skull-Shaped Sugar.

Available in a mix of white and black skulls — either of which will look great on your sugar spoon. Especially if said spoon is also shaped like a skull. So meta.




The Sausage Pillow Will Help Makes Naps Meatier


If you’re looking for a cool new pillow, and want to ensure that you’ll have dreams about meat, then the Sausage Pillow should be in bed with you.

Made to look like a tasty link, the pillow will add some much-needed flair to your existing meat decor, or perfect for resting on after a meat coma.


[link, via OhGizmo!]

BOODIGGITY!! It’s Foodiggity’s Halloween Gift Guide


Egg-A-Matic Skull Egg Mold [$8.99]

Halloween is just around the corner. And, besides the requisite costumes and candy, you’re going to need some spooky novelty kitchen products too.

Whether you’d like to add some creepiness to breakfast or your cocktail, The Foodiggity Shop will help get you in the spirit. Check out a few items below, and Happy Halloween, y’all.



Splash Cutting Board

Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come… But, the Splash Cutting Board looks as though it’s bleeding off your countertop.

Designed to remain stable while you work, the surface makes a perfect spot for your cutting needs, or for some extra creative workspace. [$21.99]



Zombie Ice Mold

If you have a scary holiday party coming up that you’ll be drinking at, or you need to make a Bloody Mary a bit creepier, the Zombie Ice Mold is here to help.

Made to look like a severed hand of the living dead, freeze and drop the giant ice sculpture in your drink of choice. Or, make a jiggly jell-o hand to freak out the kids. [$11.99]



Legless Pirate Corkscrew

Do you need to get a bottle opened, me hearties? Well, the Legless Pirate Corkscrew is here to help. Complete with a corkscrew for a leg, and a waiter’s friend and foil cutter for arms — this pirate is ready to open any wine bottle. Use it at your Halloween PAAARTY. [$14.99]



Sugar Skull Spoon

Sweetening your beverage has never been cooler or more macabre, than with the Sugar Skull Spoon. The unique scooping utensil provides the perfect way to eat your cereal — or to sweeten your coffee, tea, or absinthe. [$14.99]



Freaker Bonehead Bottle Sleeve

Dressing like a pirate to your Halloween party? Well then, Mr. Originality… you’ll need a proper drink insulator with the Freaker Bonehead. Made to fit any bottle or can, the koozie will help remind people you’re a pirate. Even though you wore the same costume last year. [$11.99]



Pirate Bottle Sleeve and Corkscrew Bundle

To help open your beer or wine bottle, the Legless Pirate Corkscrew — complete with bottle opener, corkscrew, waiter’s friend and foil cutter. Then, once your bottle is ready to drink, slip on your Freaker Bonehead Koozie. Dress like pirate and you’ll be a triple treat. [$24.99]


Thanksgiving In A Bucket Will Help Give Thanks, Save Table Space


Would you like to make a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner, but are short on table space? Well, if you also have relatives with low standards, you can get by this year with Thanksgiving In A Bucket.

Brought to us by Buzzfeed, the bucket o’ thanks contains all of the Turkey Day staples. And, because this is your dinner and your bucket, you can layer the foodstuffs in any order you’d like.

The only trick will be to get some semblance of a segmented dinner on the plate. Good luck.






Move Over, Apple… Carrot Is The Next Big Thing


Introducing Carrot throws a little shade on hi-tech product launches, while extolling the benefits of the most popular of root vegetables.

Whether it’s using a two-finger swipe to enjoy the vegetable’s texture, or the carrot’s built-in update notification — we’re reminded that the carrot is indeed a wonder product that we obviously cannot live without.

Rumor is, that it might bend in your pocket though. #carrotgate

[link, via Laughing Squid]