How To Make Your Own Mascara From Oreos


There are few things Oreos can’t do. And, apparently they can also make you pretty. Sixteen-year-old YouTuber and makeup artist Katherine Ward knows the power of the Oreo, and shows us how to create your own mascara out of the sandwich cookie.

Simply separate the cookie from the filling, eat filling if you’d like, mash the cookies into a fine powder, then add water and primer. Apply it as you would any mascara, and you’ll have the yummiest eyes possible. Just try to finish eating the filling before you apply your lipstick.

[link, via Neatorama]

Watch Koreans Try American Snacks For The First Time


It might be hard for Americans to believe that anyone in the world wouldn’t enjoy a Twizzler or Pop-Tart. That is until these artificially-colored and flavored foodstuffs are presented to those of a completely different food culture, with an uncorrupted palate.

Watch as a few Korean females, having never gazed upon anything even resembling a Cheez-It, cringe and gag their way through a series of American snacks.

Oh, and the consensus on Twizzlers and Pop-Tarts… They both suck hard. Please watch this…

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Watch People Not From Australia Get Grossed Out By Pizza Hut’s Vegemite Stuffed Crust Pizza



Unless you’re from one of two countries, New Zealand or Australia, vegemite is probably unpalatable for you. Pizza Hut wanted to test this theory with Mitey Stuffed Crust — a pizza chock-full of the Aussie staple.

Folks from all over the world were invited to try it out, and the results are what you might expect. Unlucky test subjects, having no idea what the ‘black thing’ they’re eating actually is, are revolted upon first bite — comparing the taste to ‘fish jam,’ ‘petrol,’ ‘medicine,’ and ‘shit.’

For the record… The two Aussies that were offered the pizza loved it. Please watch this…

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The S’mores Waffle Is The Most Important Meal of Any Day, Ever


Breakfast still reigns as the ‘most important meal of the day.’ Waffles are the most important breakfast, and s’mores is the most important anything.

So the S’mores Waffle, by the Vulgar Chef, is perhaps the most significant food item in recorded history. Except for maybe sliced bread… that was kinda cool.

See the technique and some quality cussing here.


Guinness Potato Chips Are A Thing

photo via Food Beast

photo via Food Beast

There are few things more synonymous with Ireland than Guinness and potatoes. British chip-maker Burt’s knows this, and has created the ultimate Irish bar snack with Guinness Potato Chips.

The chips contain the bittersweet flavor of Guinness Stout, as well as the salty starchy goodness of thick-cut and hand-cooked chips. The chips are available in Original Guinness Flavor and Rich Beef Chilli. Chilli’s very Irish too.


[link, via designtaxi and Foodbeast]