The Facehugger Fritter Will Probably Not Digest Well


If you’ve ever seen Alien, then you know that alien symbiotes are best when they’re not inside of you. That is unless said alien is a delicious fritter.

Created by baker/donut artist Timmy Hanno, aka archiehemmingway, the facehugger donut was created for his “Ripley,” who is a big fan of the movies. No mention how dinner went later that night.

He also made an actual Alien head…



[link, via That’s Nerdalicious]

When Wine Labels Get Real


Whether you appreciate a good wine, or use it simply as a coping tool, the bottle’s label still plays an important role.

But what if, instead of a fancy script font or an illustration of an Italian vineyard, your label told the brutal truth? VinePair had a little fun with this concept and brings us 26 Honest Wine Labels.

Although these wine labels will probably make you feel worse…. it’s a great excuse to drink even more. Thank you, wine label.









This Is The World’s Longest Pizza


What at first glance appears to be the world’s cheesiest slip-and-slide, is actually The World’s Longest Pizza.

Created for the 2015 World Fair in Milan, Italy, the pizza measured 1,595.45-meters, or 5233 feet — finishing just short of a mile, because Italians don’t care about silly American units of measurement.

And, since it took longer than 30-minutes to deliver — actually about 18 hours — it was free to all participants of the fair and donated to a local food bank.


[link, via Neatorama]

A Tribute To ‘The Shining’ Made With Food


photo by Davide Luciano

To help celebrate the 35th Anniversary of The Shining, photographer Davide Luciano and food stylist Claudia Ficca recreated key elements of the horror film with food.

From a pie that reminds us that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” to REDRUM recreated with alphabet soup, the photo series may scare you into having an early lunch. Just stay out of the pea maze.


photo by Davide Luciano


photo by Davide Luciano


photo by Davide Luciano


photo by Davide Luciano

[link, via Buzzfeed]

How To Make Instant Pickles, Because We Want Pickles Right Now


You want pickles and you want them right damn now. Instructables member  knows that we don’t have the time to actually pickle stuff, so they’ve come up with Instant Pickles.

Using a few simple ingredients and a large syringe, you can create a handheld pickle-maker. The ingredients and negative pressure break down boring cukes, bringing you yummy pickles in about 30 seconds. See the full tutorial here.