How To Make A Meal Using Play-Doh Tools


Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning would like to take us back to our childhood. An innocent time when the salty allure of Play-Doh was one of the few things we had in life.

They achieve this by preparing a meal using nothing more than the very colorful culinary tools that are included in Play-Doh sets. Although, they’re not actually using Play-Doh — updating the process with adults in mind — they create a bit more palatable doughs with actual food. Please watch.

[link, via The Awesomer]

Funny Comics Series Drawn on Starbucks Coffee Cups


Cartoonist Josh Hara likes Starbucks. He also likes the blank canvas that their coffee cups provide for his comics.

His Instagram project, #100CoffeeCups, looks to place a comic on 100 coffee cups. The comics are not only creative and a wonderful use of white space, but are hilarious enough to brighten up anyone’s morning. Unless you don’t drink coffee, in which case, there is no hope for you.

Keep up with the series here.









[link, via designtaxi]

Ramnuts Are Ramen Donuts, People


As the donut-hybrid power struggle continues, it seems inevitable that ramen would eventually be involved. Ramnuts have been unleashed, and we have Culinary Bro-Down to thank.

Not only are the noodles formed and cooked into rings and covered in icing, but there are even a few filled with jelly and cream. For the record, the name ‘Ramnuts’ is potentially on sale for $50 and an Olive Garden gift card. Seems like a good deal.





Kim Kardashian Butt Cake Pop


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or have the coveted Kardashian Block Tool* on your Facebook feed, then you’ve surely seen Kim Kardashian’s attempt to “break the internet” with her ass. Luckily, the internet not only prevailed, but responded quickly with a series of scathing memes.

Lou Lou P’s Delights then celebrated victory in cake pop form, with an enormous-bottomed and impossibly-waisted likeness of KK. Lou Lou P’s does offer their apologies for adding any attention to this matter. As they’ve stated it, “it had to be done…didn’t it?”

Yes, it did… Now lets #breaktheinternet with this cake pop.

*may or may not exist, but should.


Famous Books That Are Now About Candy


If only more books were about candy, perhaps kids would read more… albeit with less teeth. Quirk Books teases us with this theory, by re-imagining a few famous books mashed-up with some recognizable candy packaging.

Even to those who are reading-averse, these works of literature might be right up their alley. For example, The Almond Joy Luck Club seems a lot more readable than the book it was inspired by. And, we have to imagine that Lord of The Rings Pop will be a bit lighter on the detail and orc death.






[link, via Laughing Squid]