Praise Cheesus, It’s National Grilled Cheese Day


Behold, the gooiest of pointless food holidays… It’s National Grilled Cheese Day. And the best way to celebrate… With Grilled Cheesus. Check out the sandwich press that’ll improve upon Grilled Cheese Day over at The Foodiggity Shop.

Or, you can do what the rest of the internet is doing today, and just check out some grilled cheese porn. Either way, have a great Grilled Cheese Day… Hopefully there’s bacon involved.

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Broccoli Sweetheart Carving by Brock Davis


Our favorite artist and food-player Brock Davis is at it again. This time, he’s expressing his love, with a Broccoli Sweetheart Carving. He just forgot to make it official with “4-EVA.” Perhaps it’s on the cauliflower.

If you do not already do so, follow Brock’s Instagram… It’s pretty awesome.


Giant Carrot Body Pillow


We’ve already seen our share of meat pillows. And, contrary to popular opinion, vegetarians like to snuggle too. Enter the Giant Carrot Body Pillow.

No longer will you have to envy your meat-eating friends, as the giant fluffy carrot can help keep you company as good as any ham pillow. Brought to us by Etsy member, , your new veggie bedmate is 4-ft long and handmade from fleece, polystyrene pellets, polyester.

And, if you’ll need some dessert to cuddle up to, consider an Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow.


[link, via Neatorama]

Bird Illustrations Made From Food


A Tribute to Budgie is a creative illustration series by food stylist Anna Keville Joyce. Created with all edible items, Joyce arranges them on plates, with the ingredients close by. Just so you don’t have to ask what’s in your bird food.




[link, via TAXI]

Decoding Your Menu, A Fun Illustrated Guide For Restaurant Patrons


If those little icons on your restaurant menu get confusing, it’s ok. Illustrator Gemma Correll is here to help, with a handy illustrated guide, Decoding your Menu.

Although you’ll probably never get to see a pentagram, which would allow you to pick from a Heavy Metal Menu… You never know when you’ll need to be careful about your Peanuts™ allergy.