Will Letter For Lunch, Artist Creates Hand-Lettered Menus In Exchange For Meals


We all work for food… however NYC-based artist Lauren Hom cuts out the unnecessary steps of getting handed a check, standing in line at the bank, and then exchanging money for goods.

Hom, creator of Will Letter For Lunch, offers her service as a graphic artist in exchange for meals. The concept is simple… Hom creates handwritten menus for restaurants in New York City, and her payment is whatever she writes on the board.

“Grilled Whole Fish” on the menu? Then you can expect Hom to be dining on said fish shortly. Considering how much a beautifully-lettered menu classes up a joint, this bartering system seems more than fair. Especially if Hom designs a few Happy Hour menus. See how it all works here.




[link, via designtaxi and Grubstreet]

Frankenstein-Shaped Pumpkins Will Beat Up Your Jack O’ Lantern


The days of carving eyes and a mouth into boring round pumpkins are over. Tony Dighera, of Cinagro Farms in California, has found a way to create Frankenpumpkins.

And these frankenpumpkins aren’t a grotesque mishmash of different gourd parts… they are your standard pumpkins, shaped into the head of Frankenstein’s monster by growing it in a mold. No carving necessary.




[link, via Incredible Things]

Bacon Mac and Cheese Lasagna Is Layers of Awesomeness


How do we improve upon the greatness that is lasagna? First, The Vulgar Chef gets involved. He then replaces flat pasta noodles with mac and cheese, and ordinary meat with the far superior bacon.

The result is Bacon Mac Lasagna… layers upon layers of culinary awesomeness, and copious amounts of the f-word. Check it out here.




The Egg-A-Matic Skull Mold Is Using Your Noggin


If you’re still digging into hard-boiled eggs that aren’t adorable little skulls, you’re doing it wrong. The Egg-A-Matic Skull Egg Mold will help add some creepiness to breakfast, while getting you into the Halloween spirit.

Simply hard-boil an egg, place it in the mold, and an adorable and delicious noggin is yours for the eating. Perfect for skull enthusiasts, or for any breakfasts leading up to October 31st.

Plastic, food-safe, smiley. Egg not included. Available now at The Foodiggity Shop.




Walking Dead Pancakes Aim For The Head


Since we recently featured Zombie Pancakes, Nathan of Saipancakes returns with the breakfast that’ll bash their brains in.

Walking Dead Pancakes represent our favorite protagonists from the show. Grab the syrup and enjoy a Rick flapjack, or tear into a Daryl.

Good call not including Lori or Andrea… they’d just ruin breakfast.

[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]