This Bloody Mary Is Available With An Entire Fried Chicken In It


You’ve been hungover before. But have you ever been “I’m so hungover that I need a Bloody Mary with a fried chicken in it” hungover?

If so, congrats. Then be sure to keep Milwaukee’s Sobelmans Pub and Grill in mind, the next time you need to dull the pain. They serve an actual Bloody Mary with the aforementioned fried chicken.

The Chicken Fried Bloody Beast, as it’s called, costs about $50. So hopefully you can bring some friends along… That is if you still have any after last night.

[link, via Mirror]

A Volkswagen Covered in Popcorn


Ditch the fancy paint job and consider covering your ride with fluffy popcorn. That’s what a few art students from The Braunschweig University of Art were recently thinking, when they covered a Volkswagen with popcorn.

Whether the car has completely been consumed by birds yet, we’re not sure, but each kernel was adhered to the VW with hot glue gun. It just needs a buttering every few months.



[link, via MAKE]

This Guy Is Getting Buried In A Jack Daniel’s Bottle Coffin


Enjoying an occasional drink every once in a while is one thing. Then there’s wanting to be buried in a giant booze bottle forever.

Anto Wickham, a 48-year-old bourbon fan, has requested a giant Jack Daniel’s bottle as his final resting place. The Jack Daniel’s Coffin was created by John Gill, the owner of Crazy Coffin. The coffin stands 10-ft. high and cost Wickham $50,000. Rye in peace.


[via Oddity Central]

Juice Exhibit Pokes Fun At Contemporary Lifestyles


As if eight-dollar, Helvetica-laden bottles of juice weren’t easy enough to make fun of, artist Josh Kline has taken it a step further.

Officially-titled Skittles, Kline’s art installation is an industrial refrigerator stocked with juice bottles. But rather than ingredients that are macro, organic, and the such – these bottles are a commentary on contemporary lifestyles.

A bottle of Nightlife, for instance, contains Coke Zero, octopus ink, Raid, Davidoff Cool Water, and bath salts. Based in Manhattan, there’s also some shade to be thrown at Brooklyn, with Williamsburg Juice containing credit card, American Apparel, kale chips, kombucha, microbrew, quinoa, and agave.

Skittles was part of Archeo outdoor exhibit, appearing at the High Line in Manhattan.

“Each smoothie stands as a portrait of a different contemporary lifestyle. When grouped together, they evoke a landscape of aspiration, taste, and – at times – deprivation in a metropolis like New York City.”






[link, via Junk Culture]

The Pizza Bikini Will Deliver Poolside


If you’d like to look hot and fresh out of the oven this summer, the Pyknic Pizza Bikini is here to help.

Brought to us by our friends at Pyknic, the pepperoni and cheese-adorned swimwear will certainly get the men’s attention – or anyone else who hasn’t had lunch yet. Check out the Pizza Bikini here.