Scratch-n-Sniff Raspberry Jeans

If the scent of denim and human isn’t good enough for your jeans, Canada-based Naked & Famous Denim created Scratch-n-Sniff Raspberry Scented Denim. The jeans are coated with mini microcapsules, that when scratched, release the rather unmanly scent of raspberries.

According to the manufacturer, the scent will last up to five wash cycles. So for most guys, expect the raspberry smell to last about 4 months.

[via Laughing Squid]

This Valentine’s Day, Let A Former Homeless Man Say It For You

If you have trouble expressing yourself every February 14, or simply do not possess any golden tones, Kraft spokesman Ted Williams is here to help. The former homeless man, turned internet sensation and voice of Kraft Mac & Cheese, will read your Valentine’s message with a voice that will make your lover melt.

Simply tweet your message of love, in 140 characters or less, with the tag #VoiceOfLove. The best 100 tweets will be read aloud and silkily by Mr. Williams, and will be the perfect accompaniment to your Valentine’s meal — hopefully not Mac & Cheese.

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Cakes Throughout U.S. History

Cakes Throughout U.S. History is brought to us by America’s Test Kitchen. The infographic/timeline starts with America’s humble beginnings of the Boston Creme Pie and Baked Alaska, hits a bit of a snag during the Jell-O-obsessed 1950s, and wraps up with the Smith Island Cake and its layers of awesomeness.

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Foodiggity’s Best of The Week, 2/6-2/10

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100 Years of American Beer History In Two Minutes

Brought to us by, The American Beer Revival documents the rise and fall, and then rise again of the American brewery. The video begins with American beer production’s apex at the start of last century, how it hits a few snags during prohibition, a World War, and the 80s when everyone was doing coke instead — then comes back full circle with the rise of the craft beer movement. Cheers!

[via Eater]