The Cupcake Booty Buddy Is Here To Help

For the cupcake and poncho lover with a complete lack of self-awareness, The Cupcake Booty Buddy is here to help. Made to look like a giant cupcake, the confectionery-inspired muumuu will keep you warm and snug — presumably while you eat cupcakes.

For the full effect, and to scare away any remaining loved ones, you can put on the cherry topping hood. Now that’s the icing on the crazy cake.

[link, via Incredible Things]

Disney Park Food Air Fresheners

Along with the photos, Mickey ears, and near-permanent smiles — you can now take home some of your favorite smells from your Disney vacation. Disney Park Air Fresheners are made to look and smell like some classic foods from Disney World and Disneyland.

The four air fresheners, that will be available at each theme park, include the infamous Frontierland turkey leg, Mickey Ice Cream Bar, Minnie Candy Apple, and Mickey Waffle. And, if Disney cuisine isn’t your thing, treat yourself to the Pirates of the Caribbean Stale Water Air Freshener* or the Three Hours In Line Scent of Humanity Potpourri*.

*these may or may not exist.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Le Nid, A Nest-Themed Sky Bar in France

High above the city of Nantes in western France, is perhaps one of the most interesting and thematic sky bars in the world. Le Nid (The Nest) was created by graphic artist Jean Jullien, and is exactly what the title implies. Located at the Tour de Bretagne, the bar is occupied by an enormous stork/heron, who keeps a watchful eye over the city, and its “nest” of eggs.

And while the space is meant to be fully-functional and interactive, part of the large bird becomes the actual bar, and its eggs are the tables and chairs. Le Nid is open to the public, so it’s not only a great place to relax and grab a drink 144m over the city, but it also becomes a very high art installation.

[via we heart]

Musical Wine Glasses

If you get the typical delusions of being a musician when you drink, or you always like to call for a toast in E flat — Musical Wine Glasses are here to help.

Beautifully-gilded to represent a full 12 note octave — wine filled to each line will ring the corresponding note when the glass is tapped or rubbed along the rim. They can be a big hit at your next dinner party, and will help keep all of your wine glass percussion in key.


IKEA Sells Beer Now

To pair with your Swedish meatballs and reasonably priced desk, IKEA now makes a dark lager beer. Officially titled Öl Mörk Lager, it can currently be found at IKEA stores in the UK.

Brits are encouraged to grab one — or six — to take along during the four hours it takes to get out of an IKEA.