Christmas Sweater Mug

Why should your horrible holiday fashion sense be limited to your Christmas sweaters? Now you can bring that lapse in good judgement to your morning coffee. The Christmas Jumper Mug can be your morning eyesore, while it keeps your coffee or tea warm. Sorry, it doesn’t light up like your Rudolph sweater.

The mug itself is sturdy ceramic with included knitted jumper.

[link, via GeekAlerts]

Beer Can Keyboard

If you’re getting bored with thumb-typing, and have some drunken emails to send, Robofun recently created a keyboard that uses cans of beer as keys. Created for the 2012 Webstock conference, the Arduino-powered keyboard uses Staropramen beer cans in the standard QWERTY set up.

And, instead of the mundane and soul-crushing sound of plastic keys being pressed repeatedly, these can keys make the sound of a beer being opened. Data entry has never been so intoxicating.

[via Gizmodo]

Candy Corn on The Cob

Finally, candy corn can be put to good use and returned to what we can only assume is its original form. Candy Corn on the Cob is brought to us by Instructables member and Foodiggity’s new favorite person, alaskantomboy. And, in case you were wondering, the actual cob part is cookie dough. Just don’t forget the Unicorns.


Breakfast Cereal Big Bird

If Presidential candidate Mitt Romney gets his way, there will no longer be a subsidy to the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), and therefore no Sesame Street and Big Bird. Thankfully, mosaic artist Jason Mercier wants to keep the big yellow Sesame Street character’s spirit alive — just in case mean old Mitt kills him off. And, what better way to depict Big Bird than with an assortment of sugar-filled children’s breakfast cereal. Take that, bird killer.


Anatomical Head Cake

After all of the gross-out confectioneries that we’ve been subjected to recently — there’s finally one that’s at least anatomically correct. Brought to us by Conjurer’s Kitchen, The Anatomical Head Cake was inspired by a collection of wax models from La Specola museum in Florence.

See… wax models. Nothing too creepy about that. Stop staring at me, cake!

[link, via Obvious Winner]