Get Your Pallet of 7,000 White Castle Sliders

When one, or a sack, of White Castle sliders just aren’t enough, the fast food chain is now offering an entire shipping pallet full of the ‘burgers.’ Interested? Well, the Crave Pallet of nearly 7,000 sliders will run you $25,000.

But, before you balk at the asking price, the burgers come in choice of Original, Cheese, and Jalapeno — with all net proceeds being donated to autism research. As a bonus, you will also receive 216 White Castle-scented candles. Just in case the smell of 7000 sliders wasn’t enough.

[via A Hamburger Today]

Realistic Illustrations of Cereal Mascots

Breakfast just got real, with illustrations by artist Guillermo Fajardo. The series, officially titled Breakfast Time, depicts some of our favorite breakfast cereal mascots as if they existed in the real world. No longer do we see the colorful and adorable Tony the Tiger or Count Chocula — Fajardo gives the mascots a morbid sense of realism. Show these to the kids, and perhaps it will scare them into trying some oatmeal or fruit for breakfast.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Knit Turkey Hat

Remember the Thanksgiving that you got drunk on cabernet and the turkey wound up stuck on your head? Oh, that was me… never mind. Well, just in case you had something similar happen, the Knit Turkey Hat can be a seasonal reminder of the incident, and it will keep your noggin warm to boot. Now, you can have all of the cabernet that you want.


Mac and Cheese, Cheesy Friends Forever T-Shirt

Whether you’re into the instant kind, or dig the gourmet versions that actually use cheese — Mac and Cheese is pure awesomeness. Now you can show your appreciation for the most dynamic of culinary duos, with the Cheesy Friends Forever t-shirt by Philip Tseng.

Just try not to get any Mac and Cheese on it… that orange powder stains everything. Available in t-shirt form, or, as a too adorable to exist onesie.


Christmas Sweater Mug

Why should your horrible holiday fashion sense be limited to your Christmas sweaters? Now you can bring that lapse in good judgement to your morning coffee. The Christmas Jumper Mug can be your morning eyesore, while it keeps your coffee or tea warm. Sorry, it doesn’t light up like your Rudolph sweater.

The mug itself is sturdy ceramic with included knitted jumper.

[link, via GeekAlerts]