Kitchen Killers: A Series of Horror Movie-Inspired Aprons

Chucky by Haute Mess Threads

The kitchen can be a scary place — with all that extreme heat, sharp knife edges, and French terms. Now, with Halloween fast approaching, Haute Mess Threads has created a line of aprons to help make your kitchen extra horrifying.

Inspired by some well-known and some obscure horror movie and tv show characters — the aprons are handmade to order, and should help scare your dinner guests out of the kitchen while you’re trying to cook. Bloody knife and children-luring balloons not included.

Pennywise (IT) by Haute Mess Threads
Shining Twins by Haute Mess Threads
Freddy Krueger by Haute Mess Threads
Nightmare Before Christmas by Haute Mess Threads

[link, via Incredible Things]



  1. says

    Thank you so much for featuring my new line Kitchen Killers!! It was a ton of fun to make and quite the challenge!! Hope you all enjoy!
    Photography by wayfaring wanderer

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