Hands-Free Sandwich Holder

Hands-Free Sandwich HolderBecause lunch is certainly the least important meal of the day — The Hands-Free Sandwich Holder will give you back that extra five minutes it would normally take to get a sandwich down your gullet, and should help you get those reports done that the boss needs by one o’ clock.

The caption on this ‘ad’ actually reads, ‘Let’s you work right through your lunch break’. It’s no wonder that we’re a nation of obese overworked numbskulls.

It could also be used to eat a sandwich while playing the guitar… sort of like a gluttonous Neil Young.

[via My Food Looks Funny]


  1. Jeanne says

    Don’t knock it, try letting the quadrapalegic know about this hands free
    (not such a burden when you can’t hold a sandwich).


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