Glow In The Dark Sushi Exists

We’ve seen it on a stick, immortalized in LEGOS, and now it glows in the dark. Glowing Sushi is a new and rather disturbing food trend, and the fish used are 100% real. GloFish, as they are known, are genetically-modified zebrafish that were originally used for environmental purposes to help indicate a contaminated river. The GloFish technology was then used on pet fish to help add some flair to your home aquarium.

Now, the fluorescent fish are being rolled up in rice and adding further insult to sushi culture. Brought to us by a few members of  The Center for Genomic Gastronomy, they created three different rolls including; Kryptonite Rolls, Stop and Glow Nigirizushi and ‘Not in California’ Rolls. California is currently the only state that does not allow the sale of glowing fish. Good call Arnold.

[Glowing Sushi, via Oddity Central]


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