Gin and Tonic Flavored Popcorn


Since wine snobs recently got their own popcorn, it only seems fair that the gin and tonic crowd get some snackage too.

UK-based Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn has released Gin and Tonic Gourmet Popcorn. Made with 5% real Gin and 5% real Tonic, the popcorn offers the experience of “crisp tonic and finish with smooth, tasty gin.” Congrats, old ladies and yuppies… Enjoy your new popcorn.

[link, via Laughing Squid]


  1. says

    This is simultaneously amazing and bewildering. I love Gin and Tonic, but never before have I felt like popcorn was the vehicle through which my gin and tonic cravings could be satisfied.

    very intrigued, very interested.
    -Aaron a.k.a. The Gin is In


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