Fruit Punch Oreos Exist


The newest entry in the alternative Oreo flavor madness is Fruit Punch. Following the path of the seasonal offerings we’ve seen recently, Fruit Punch Oreos are here just in time for the impending warm weather. Oh, who are we kidding?… Fruit punch is awesome year-round.

Whether Fruit Punch Oreos are any good remains to be seen.¬†Apparently, they’re available for a limited time at Wal-Mart. Let us know if you try them, Oreo eater.

[via First We Feast]


  1. I just tasted these ever so wonderful Oreo’s. Do you like fruit punch Kool-Aid? Well throw it in the middle of a vanilla cookie and walllaaaa! The best cookie ever made.

  2. Best ever. Took 4 Walmart stores to find them. Raded the pallet they were still on.


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