Foodiggity’s Holiday Gift Guide, 2013


It’s the time of year for overeating and overspending. And, if you still need some fun gifts for family members, friends, or an involuntary Secret Santa gift, The Foodiggity Shop is here to help.

Check out some of our most popular products, along with our smaller less-threatening stocking stuffers. You’re welcome and Happy Holidays.



Amp Mug

Finally, the caffeine-addicted guitar player has a proper morning drinking vessel, with the Amp Mug. Designed to look like a vintage amplifier, you can crank up the sugar and cream and get the morning rockin’. [$11.99]




Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

Remember when deities appearing accidentally on food was all the rage? Now you can do it on purpose with the Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press. Use it to imprint an image of Jesus on your favorite type of grilled cheese, or any sandwich that needs to be squished and enlightened. Hallelujah!! [$39.99]




Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow

Do some sweet snuggling with the Yummy Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow. The 100% polyester pillow should go well with all of your other food-related decor, and help provide the sweetest of dreams. [$23.99]




Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer

Beat that steak like it owes you money, with the Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer. Made from cast aluminum, your new fist of fury will tenderize and flatten any cut, and should help keep all of your other meat in line. [$11.99]




The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

Part kitchen tool, part OCD-encourager, The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board includes guides for the most important cuts. It should help impress dinner guests with your new knife skills. Made of strong sustainable bamboo. [$24.99]


Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds

Actual muffin tops are wonderful. But when the term ‘muffin top’ is used to refer to that bulge over your jeans, it’s unfortunate. Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds combine the literal with the figurative, with molds that create a midsection bulge of deliciousness. [$12.99]




Tattoo Oven Mitt

It’s pretty hard to look tough while baking. But perhaps it’s because you’ve never had a Tattoo Oven Mitt. It’s the perfect way to protect your hand and look badass while doing it.




Stocking Stuffers

The stocking stuffer… A holiday gift that won’t break the bank, requires very little thought, and are small enough to fit into a large sock. Fortunately, The Foodiggity Shop takes pride in some of our smaller and less thoughtful gifts. [$6-$13.99]

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to stop by The Foodiggity Shop to see all of our stuff. Or, you can always recommend our blog to a friend… It’s free, and a gift that keeps on giving. Happy Holidays.


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