food art friday

Food Artists Wanted!

Here at Foodiggity, in addition to our regularly scheduled food-related nonsense, we occasionally take some time to show appreciation for the finer things — specifically art. Even more specifically, food art — whether food is the actual medium, or the work is merely food-inspired.

Food Art Friday is a new weekly feature that will help spread the word on some good people in the genre, featuring a new artist every week (or so). Photographers, graphic artists, and illustrators need apply. And please check out some of the artists we’ve featured thus far.

Know any artists? Or perhaps you’re one yourself? Seen any good art? Send the info our way, and receive compensation in the form of a shout-out.

artwork seen above, clockwise; Type Sandwiches by David Schwen, Breakfast Bill by John Thacker, Octopussy by Nir Adar, Slice and Dice by Kristin Tercek.