Denny’s Puts Mac ‘n Cheese on a Burger Now

It’s official… Denny’s is trying to kill us all. As if a grilled cheese stuffed with mozzarella sticks wasn’t enough, Denny’s has accepted their own challenge in the ongoing grosser-than-gross contest, with the Mac ‘n Cheese Big Daddy Patty Melt. Try ordering that with a straight face.

Part of a new menu focusing on all things cheesy — Denny’s constructed this monstrosity by topping a burger with Mac ‘n Cheese, melted cheddar cheese and zesty Frisco sauce on grilled potato bread. With fries, you are staring at 1690 calories, and much shame.



  1. When did Frisco sauce make a patty melt? Isn’t that a frisco melt? Patty melts are cheese, burger and onions.

  2. I wonder…… if the parent company is part owner of a health care company? One never knows!

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