Chocolate Diamonds Are Here To Help

Attention, fellow rich guys… If you can’t decide between chocolate or diamonds for your special lady friend, Chocolate Diamonds are here to help. Brought to us by Azature Fine Chocolates, the gourmet jewels are made exclusively from cocoa beans that grow on the Amazon basin of Bolivia — we hear that’s good — and are crafted to sparkle like actual diamonds.

The collection is available in seven different colors and flavors — including Blue (Cafe Machiato), Pink (Almond/Hazelnut Nougat), and Canary (Almond Crunch). They’re available in boxes of four, nine, or sixteen. Rich guy problem, solved.

Blue Diamond – Cafe Machiato
Pink Diamond – Almond/Hazelnut Nougat
Canary Diamond – Almond Crunch

[link, via Buzzfeed]

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