Breathe In The Bacon Air

J&D’s Foods, inspired by Le Whif’s breathable chocolate, brings us the next step in meat candy technology —¬†BaconAir.

Potential customers are asked to join a waiting list for the product, which J&D claims is out of stock. At which time, we’re sure that on April 1st, those who let bacon cloud their better judgement, and dumb enough to look past the piss-poor photoshopping, will get an email confirming that they’re a fool.

And after already having our souls broke by the nonexistence of Squeezable Bacon and Talking Bacon Plush Toys*, we’re a bit sensitive to bacon-related April Fool’s jokes.¬†Nice try J&D, but we’ve been hurt before.

*My First Bacon Talking Plush Toys now exist, but started as an April Fool’s joke.


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