Behold, The Beef Stroganoff Burger


With all the recent burgers that’ve said ‘no’ to the traditional bread bun, none have kicked it old school quite like the Beef Stroganoff Burger.

Brought to us by The Food In My Beard, the alternative bun is made possible with molded egg noodles. It’s finished off by topping the burger with the traditional Stroganoff onion/mushroom mixture. The ‘how to’ can be found here, so you can be stroganoffing in no time.






How To Make Your Own All-Black Burger


With all-black food becoming the rage — at least in a certain part of the world that tends to do stuff that’s cray-cray — a ‘how to do your own black burger’ was bound to happen.

Brought to us by Instructables member, spunk, the black-out burger is made possible with some medicinal charcoal. The instructions on how to make your own can be found here. Who’s crazy now, Japan?



What They Really Ate At The First Thanksgiving


When we think of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner — the requisite turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and creepy uncles comes to mind.

Guardian Food takes us back to the very first Thanksgiving meal in 1621, showing us that it was far from the meal that’s now synonymous with giving thanks.

Turkey probably wasn’t even on the menu, as wild turkeys may have been a bit too fast for the pilgrims to hunt. Ducks and geese, more the early-settler’s speed, were the go-to bird — while the absence of sugar at the time, would’ve made cranberry sauce impossible.

We have to imagine that pilgrims and native Americans had questionable relatives though. See… just like Thanksgiving.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Homer Simpson Statue Made From Junk Food


Whether picking up a six-pack of Duff, or looking for something in an ‘after-dinner burrito,’ Homer Simpson usually finds what he’s looking for at the Kwik-E-Mart.

So, if you’re going to create a food statue of the Simpson’s patriarch, it should consist of the kinds of stuff you’d find at Apu’s convenience store.

Brought to us by, the tribute to Homer is made from mini powdered doughnuts, marshmallows, vanilla meringues, black licorice, melted taffy, various forms of gummies, and cotton candy. Mmm… Statuey.

Protect Your Drink and Tables With The Burger Coaster and Bottle Sleeve Bundle


If you have a cold drink that needs insulation, despise drink rings on your table, and reeeaaally like cheeseburgers, The Burger Coaster and Bottle Sleeve Bundle is here to help.

Firstly… A Vegan Freaker Bottle Sleeve to help keep any bottle, can, or mason jar protected from the elements and bottle sweat. Then, you can protect your tables with a set of realistic-looking Burger Coasters.

The Burger Bottle Sleeve and Coaster Bundle contains one (1) Vegan Freaker Bottle Sleeve and one (1) set of six Burger Coasters.