Chef Creates Meals Inspired By Heavy Metal Bands


The Slayer Pizza, photo: Chef John Hurkes

Food can be so metal… except vegetables, which are more like slow jazz. Anyways, chef John Hurkes regularly contributes Heavy Metal-Inspired Meals to Rice and Bread Magazine.

Slayer Pizza, Nuclear Assault Nachos, and the Exodus Pork Belly Blood Feast are just a few of the metal meals that’ll make you hungry and head-bangy.

Check out more here, and then get cooking. Horns up, forks out.


The Black Sabbath Pizza, photo: Chef John Hurkes


Nuclear Assault Nachos, photo: Chef John Hurkes


The Juicy Lucifuge, photo: Chef John Hurkes


The Blood Feast, photo: Chef John Hurkes


[link, via The Awesomer]

Tortoises Eating Tiny Pancakes


Pancakes should be available to all walks of life… regardless of how slow-moving they are. BuzzFeedBlue agrees, and recently whipped up a short stack for a few sulcata tortoises.

The result is absolute adorableness, and is even a bit hypnotizing to watch. Accept for the tortoise who doesn’t partake in the pancakes. He must’ve went looking for the tiny butter and syrup. Please watch this…

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Honest Food Pyramids For Adults


The Food Pyramid was created for a reason. And, that reason is to make you feel bad about your food choices. Thankfully, Someecards got real, and created Brutally Honest Food Pyramids For Every Stage of Adulthood.

So, in case you just can’t squeeze in your 2-3 servings of dairy, or 3-5 of veggies, just be honest with yourself and follow these.





[link, via designtaxi]

Artist Creates Plaster Versions of Everything He’s Eaten Over The Past Year


What appears to be nothing more than an exercise in minimalist food art, is actually a pretty intense project by Israeli-Dutch artist Itamar Gilboa.

The Food Chain Project is a pop-up art installation, that is not only an extensive collection of food and drinks sculpted in plaster, but is representative of everything the artist had consumed over a period of 365 days.

Over 8,000 items are represented in stark white, and is meant to call attention to global food issues. All of the food items are on sale, with proceeds donated to organizations such as FairFood International and Youth Food Movement.




[link, via Junk Culture]

S’mores Oreos Exist


After months of rumors and propaganda, S’mores Oreos now appear to be an actual product. Made with graham cracker cookies, they’re stuffed with chocolate and marshmallow creme filling.

So, if you’re looking for an indoor version of the campfire treat, or you’re no longer allowed to play with matches, the limited edition cookies will be available beginning May 22nd.

[via Refinery29]