Kit Kat Sandwiches Exist Because Japan


The U.S. loves breaking off pieces of that Kit Kat bar. However, in Japan, Kit Kats are their own sub-culture.

They’ve even been trying to find new ways to enjoy the dual candy bars, evidenced by Kit Kat Sandwiches. The sweet treat is a standard chocolate Kit Kat with whipped cream and orange peel, sandwiched between a bun.

Break me off a piece of that.



[via First We Feast]

Hand Drawn Typography on Food


Here’s one way to get fellow office drones to stop stealing your lunch.

Artist Rob Draper, after successfully marking his coffee, has moved on to creating beautiful works of typography on various foodstuffs.

The inspirational food messages are created by hand, using nothing more than marker and paint. See more of Draper’s work below and over at Instagram. Try some food drawings of your own, and cool it with the passive aggressive notes on the fridge.




[link, via Neatorama]

McDonald’s French Fries Gloves Will Help Super-Size Your Winter


If you need to keep your digits warm, and want said digits to look like yummy French fries… then here are your new gloves.

McDonald’s French Fries Gloves are here to keep your hands warm and stylish. They’re brought to us by Dallas-based ad agency, Moroch.

Although we’re not sure if they’re actually for sale yet… We’ll just have to keep wearing gloves that aren’t fries. As if the winter couldn’t get any worse.


[via designtaxi]

The Rechargeable Bottle Light Creates The Perfect Mood Lighting For More Bottle-Emptying


Do you have tubs of empty wine bottles laying around? Or, perhaps you bought a few of those fancy decorative bottles at the craft store, that you have no idea what to do with.

The Rechargeable Bottle Light is here to help. The small little light packs a big punch in terms of mood lighting. Simply charge it via USB, and the bottle light will keep shining for up to 3 hours.

Whether that light is used to create ambience, or so you can see what you’re doing while you empty more bottles, is completely up to you. The Rechargeable Bottle Light is new at The Foodiggity Shop.






Artist Creates Beautiful Paintings With Coffee


There is little that coffee cannot do. It makes mornings tolerable, gives people an excuse to pretend to be busy at Starbucks, and it occasionally acts as a perfectly acceptable art medium.

Artist Maria A. Aristidou knows how to use coffee to its full potential, creating beautiful works of art with nothing more than brewed coffee and a brush set.

The result is spot-on pop culture characters, with their shadows and highlights determined by the amount of coffee used. Check out more of Aristidou’s work over at Instagram.





[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]