Monomyth, A Typeface Made From Laser Cut Pasta


The possibilities for 3D-printing technology are endless. So, creating an edible typeface made from pasta seemed inevitable.

Monomyth, created by UK-based Sawdust, whips up a few sheets of pasta – then laser cuts it into an awesome font series, worthy of any spaghetti-related ad you might be working on.




[link, via designtaxi]

The Foodnited States Of America, A Pun-Fueled Series of US States Made From Food


In addition to being the creator of, I’m also the father of an eight-year-old. And, when most of the material covered on your site could best be described as ‘juvenile food-related nonsense,’ a curious youngster is gonna wanna get involved.

It began innocently enough with, “Dad… What if you made States, but like, they were made of food, like?” My response was something along the lines of, “That’s been done to death already, son… Go to bed.” Then, the heir to the Foodiggity empire added, “But what if they like had funny names like New Pork or New Jerky, like?” Now, we were on to something.

So, with an idea set forth by an eight year-old, and contributions from Dad and others, we give you The Foodnited States of America.

The project will be based over at Instagram, hashtag #foodnitedstates. We already have Foodnited States worked out for most of the fifty, but we welcome suggestions for more.

Post your State food puns to us here. If we use it, we’ll give you a shout-out. You’ll be contributing to a fun project and perhaps helping an eight-year-old get an ‘A’ in social studies. F-S-A!! F-S-A!!




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Winnie The Poo Glassware Accessories Are Brilliant, Adorbz


Japanese designers Nendo were recently asked to create a series of glassware accessories for Disney, focusing on Winnie The Pooh. If the creative brief also asked that they design the most adorable set of coasters, drink lids, and wine stoppers ever… we say they’ve succeeded.

Whether Winnie the Pooh gets stuck in your wine, or helps protect your coffee table — the series creates a beautiful scene around your glassware using only one color. And, why has a Winnie The Pooh wine stopper never existed before?






[link, via Spoon and Tamago]

Pop Culture Characters Reimagined As Cheeseburgers


We’ve all been hungry enough, where everything starts to look like cheeseburgers. Artist Philip Tseng recently created the series What If They Were Cheeseburgers? to toy with our emotions, turning pop culture characters into the object of our desire.

Fattening up a few superheroes such as Batman and Wolverine makes them more burger-like, while Mario isn’t much of a stretch. See more at Tseng’s site here.

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Ramen Chicken Nuggets Bridge The Gap Between Childhood and Being a Co-Ed


Ramen noodles have been everywhere. Becoming anything from an impromptu taco shell and substitute pizza crust, to a burger bun and hoagie roll.

But never have the ubiquitous noodles been able to cover the entire span of our most formative years, as it does with Ramen Chicken Nuggets.

Brought to us by Oh, Bite It!, the nostalgic food mash-up is easy enough to do yourself. Regardless of how broke or still clinging to college life you might be.

[link, via Incredible Things]