Behold The Sushi Cake

We’ve seen sushi presented in a few unfortunate ways. But as we all know — everything is better in cake form. Brought to us by Now I’m a Cook!, The Sushi Cake is layers of raw salmon, avocado, cucumber, and rice.

[link, via Neatorama]

Corporate Logos Reimagined for The Impending Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse appears inevitable. And when the undead eventually decide to get into advertising, they’ll surely look to rebrand a few companies once maintained by the living. UK-based designer Ben Fellowes takes a crack at what some of the newly designed logos might look like.

[link, via Ad Freak]

Sugar Murals and Cake Icing Graffiti

Remember, kids… Graffiti is wrong. That is of course, unless the wall art is created with delicious cake icing. Over the last few years, Montreal-based street artist Shelley Miller has enhanced a few urban settings by decorating the walls as if it was cake.

Often inspired by the textures, patterns, or existing graffiti of the wall — Shelley creates very temporary art that will last until it no longer adheres to its stone canvas. Or, until the locals lick it clean.

[via Colossal]

Foodiggity Update

Just a quick update… For those who do not already know, Foodiggity Headquarters is located in northern New Jersey, and we were unfortunately in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

We were fortunate enough to only be left with no power, so the blog may be down for a few days. For orders placed with the Foodiggity Shop, we are currently processing orders and will fulfill shipments as soon as power is restored.

We’ll still be over on Twitter and Facebook for status reports and news. Stay safe, everyone. And we’ll see you soon.


The Rolling Stones Have a Whisky Now

The Rolling Stones, of ‘the greatest rock and roll band ever’ fame, were formed fifty years ago this year. So, it only seems appropriate that the band should get their own booze — with Motörhead and Slayer already in the liquor business and all.

Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Whisky is being released by Japanese liquor brand Suntory to help celebrate the milestone. The tongue logo-adorned bottle will be available in limited release (150 bottles) starting October 30th, and is a blend of malts distilled and casked during years that represent milestones throughout the band’s 50 year history.

[link, via Neatorama]