Cerealism, Breakfast Cereal as Beautiful Landscapes

Cheeramids #3 by Ernie Button

With some creative use of breakfast cereal and macro photography, artist Ernie Button brings us Cerealism. The photo series, often using kids’ cereals, arranges the various oat clusters, marbits, and shredded wheat to create realistic landscapes. And the series, above anything else, does something that was once considered impossible — to make Grape Nuts somewhat appealing.

Clover Patch by Ernie Button

Grape Nuts Dune #9

Bales Of Shredded Wheat 2 by Ernie Button

French Toast Crunch Canyon by Ernie Button

[link, via Laughing Squid]

The Colorado Special: The Pot Holder on Sale at The Foodiggity Shop

Congratulations, Colorado. You have once again proven to be one of the grooviest States in the Union, by officially legalizing marijuana for recreational use. The Foodiggity Shop wants to help celebrate this historic event by putting our beloved Pot Holder on sale.

Now, Coloradans can protect their hands and countertops, while legally making their special brownies. And, for anyone outside of Colorado, you could still enjoy a new Pot Holder to bake with — even though you’re a naughty little law-breaker. We won’t judge.

Available at The Foodiggity Shop.

Election Data Presented with Fast Food and Condiments

Election 2012 is finally over. And if the data, charts, and maps used to explain the democratic process have become a bit too confusing, they’ve finally been presented in a way that most Americans will surely understand — with fast food and condiments.

Brought to us by Berlin-based artists Lisa Rienermann and Anna Lena Schiller, Binder Full of Burgers presents information from the recent election and a few elections past — using fries, ketchup, mustard, and burgers. Mmm… Democracy.

[link, via Huffington Post]

Spock Oven Mitt

Do your cooking and baking while celebrating your geekdom, with the Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt. The cotton and polyester oven mitt will help get a Vulcan grip on the hottest of pans and baking trays.

And, while it is always positioned in Spock’s sign of peace, it should help keep any hungry Klingons from stealing your Star Trek Cookies. Bake long and prosper.


Vodka-Flavored Vodka for Men

In a world where peanut butter and jelly, and glazed donut-flavored vodka exists — it’s good to know that there’s still some good old-fashioned vodka-flavored vodka. Maximus Vodka is bringing the testosterone back to clear liquors, and have created an ad campaign to help convince us that it’s still very manly to drink the stuff.

To help drive the point home even further, American artist Mort Künstler was commissioned to supply illustrations of square-jawed scruffy men doing manly things. The accompanying copy challenges the male viewer to stop being such a sissy — using a hard-edged font usually reserved for car magazines and Steve McQueen’s business cards. Drink up, nancy.

[via 22 Words]