Karma Loaf, Cecil The Lion Gets Revenge on The Killer Dentist


This week, we received the unfortunate news that famed African lion, Cecil, was killed for sport by a self-entitled dickhead dentist.

Karma Loaf, by Lou Lou P’s Delights, at least tries to lighten the mood. Already experts in animal-shaped bread, this loaf has revenge in mind. A severed and edible dentist is included, as a reminder that karma is a delicious bitch.

RIP, Cecil.


The Pantone Café Is Your Perfect Match


Hunger has met its match with The Pantone Café. Located on the promenade of the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, the pop-up café color-codes everything, from the food labels and napkins, to the tables and coffee cups.

Craving a PANTONE 15-5534 Salad, or a PANTONE 19-1111 Black Coffee? The colorful café will be open for business until September 9th, 2015.







[link, via designtaxi]

Launch Special, 15%-off and Free Shipping at The Foodiggity Shop


The new Foodiggity Shop has taken off… To help celebrate, and to encourage folks to check it out, we have some special offers to share.

Now, until August 2nd, use coupon code LAUNCH15 to take 15%-off your entire order. And, if your cart subtotal is $60 or more, it ships for FREE within the U.S.

So, head over and check out the new digs. Let us know how we did… We’d love to hear from you.

Hot stuff at The Foodiggity Shop


A KFC Bucket of Chicken That’s Also A Printer


We’ve all been there… We’re going to town on a whole bucket o’ chicken, and we’d like to capture this moment for posterity.

The Memories Bucket is here to help. As part of their 60th Anniversary in Canada, KFC has created the bucket printer to capture those fleeting greasy moments.

Chicken-eating historians can take a picture with their smartphones and, via Bluetooth, have a Polaroid-type photo released from the bucket. Please wipe off your hands before handling your photos.





[link, via designtaxi]