Another Bunch of Banana Tattoos


We all know the deal… Bananas turn brown, we make banana bread. But for the creative artsy types who can’t necessary bake, we make Banana Tattoos. This particular bunch is brought to us by graphic artist Honey — who creates the portraits with nothing more than a banana and a safety pin. So they’re like prison banana tattoos — sweet.




[via You Creatives]



  1. […] Honey, a graphic artist and an illustrator shows off her skills with a banana! Suhh…dirty minds! I am speaking of the incredible banana tattoos she makes. All she needs are some bananas and a safety pin. C’mon, stop laughing. She needs the bananas that grown on trees! A safety pin and some bananas in her hand and you get the incredible banana tattoos. Now I am really feeling sorry for those poor bananas. They could have been somewhere else but ended up with stabbings of a safety pin. Again? WTF? By somewhere else I mean in someone’s tummy. You guys must get your brains washed with detergent! [Source] […]

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