Sweet Desserts Made of Meat

These seemingly sweet desserts are anything but. Created by artist Jasmin Schuller, Sweet Meat is a series of candy and ice cream made entirely out of meat products. Slice me off a piece of bacon pie.

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Sweet Portraits Made From Cereal and Candy

Brought to us by artist Marcooooooo, he uses candy, cereal, and other foodstuffs to create sweet still-life portraits. Marc with seven o’s can also be seen on Threadless Tees, where he’s best known as ivejustquitsmoking.

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Princess Leia Cupcakes

Get the Star Wars party started — Princess Leia Cupcakes are by justjenn.

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Food Trucks, Toy Sushi Edition

These meticulously designed sushi trucks are brought to us by Japanese ‘art unit’ Paramodel. Officially titled ‘Tommy Sushi’, artists Yasuhiko Hayashi and Yusuke Nakano sculpted flawless replicas of Japanese foodstuffs, and fit them perfectly atop each truck’s flatbed.

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If Cookie Monster Was An Actual Cookie Monster

Imagine if Cookie Monster was actually what his name implies — a cookie-eating beast that scared the crap out of kids, rather than teach them the alphabet. Artist John Cherevka reimagines the beloved muppet, sans blue shag and ping pong ball eyes.

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