5 Popular New Year’s Resolutions and Why They Will Fail

Monina Velarde's Resolution Generator

With the New Year comes a fresh set of 365 days and empty promises. Some people will strive to make the new year the best ever, and it all starts with making their New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, once the resolution-maker realizes that a new year means nothing more than having to buy a new calendar, most will revert back to last year’s undesirable form and behavior by Valentine’s Day.

We explore a few popular resolutions that are consistently heard every year — usually from the same people — and provide some insight on why they end up a steaming pile of failure.

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What Yelp Reviewers Complain About [infographic]

Here at Foodiggity, we proudly display our disdain for Yelp whenever possible. This makes the recent fake user poll by Urlesque all the more awesome.

As seen in the infographic of what Yelp users typically complain about, it has frightening ties to what the real data would probably look like. That is of course had they been able to get some of the mouth-breathers at Yelp to openly admit to their douchebaggyness.

And there would probably be a small percentage of those who like to complain about restaurants that have not opened yet.

[Urlesque, via Eater]